Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski

Led the Cougars to a massive comeback win last season when starter Luke Falk wasn’t getting it done. A ton of talent. Would have likely been the starter in 2018, and some say he would have been in the NFL in 2019. There’s a picture of his being carried off the field after that comeback win, against Boise State I think. Then later in the season he passed for 400 yards against Arizona – in the second half.

But now he’s dead. Took out a rifle last Tuesday and blew his brains out. Nobody around Wazzu football saw it coming. Depression, of course, happens to millions in all walks of life – the rich, the poor, the young, the old. It’s often treatable, but so many don’t seek treatment and then take this way out.

Sports reporter at a Seattle TV station had quite a Facebook post on this young man and the grief left behind in Pullman after his death. <LINK_TEXT text=“https://m.facebook.com/EricJohnsonKOMO/ … 8118630707”>https://m.facebook.com/EricJohnsonKOMO/posts/1714308118630707</LINK_TEXT>

I guess my point here is that athletes are people too. They have problems and worries, highs and lows, like everyone else. But everyone else doesn’t have message boards dissecting their every action and decision. I doubt if anyone knows whether Hilinski read any boards or if that contributed to his doing what he did. But it could have. Count to 10 before you hit send on that rip job next time. Or at least think about it a little longer before you do.

And this is exactly why I posted in the thread on Hedlund that BB should not have thrown him under the bus. Replaced him - yes, but should not have made the public comments that could have damaged Hedlund.

Good post Swine. Thank you!

I was having the conversation the other day with my son’s Mom about his grades. These days, I have the ability to see every grade he makes from an app. Back in my time, we didn’t have that so I learned how to manage my grades to keep up with the expectations. I had to make A’s and B’s. My parents only saw mid-term and report cards. So I learned if I made a C or below, I would have to work hard and figure out some way to get it to a B or better by reporting time. So, this year my son will is a sophomore. He is a decent student but could be better. I finally told him that I would only hold him accountable for his grades at these check in periods. I would continue to look at them but I wouldn’t say anything.

My point is similar to what Swine is saying. There is so much instantaneous scrutiny on these kids these days they put enormous pressure on themselves to perform. I just read an article about that exactly: <LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/18/well … onism.html”>https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/18/well/family/more-college-students-seem-to-be-majoring-in-perfectionism.html</LINK_TEXT>

So we all need to be mindful of that before we hop on here and rip some young adult to shreds because they dropped a ball, missed a pass, or a tackle, etc.