Washington General like D is concerning for future

Few block outs, allow uncontested shots, and that Curley Neal impersonation we allowed in the lane will be hard to forget.

All those Sutton and Richardson years D was so emphasized.

I know Mike wants a version of it but this year the D was so inconsistent.

I so hope the program can solve it.

Response: not making any excuses here, all pots have to rest on it’s on bottom, however it resonates to me these seniors aren’t wired to play the kind of defense we’ve missed all season…our juco players only mind set is scoring first, pro scouts at every game I think was a distraction up to the end of their season especially for these seniors… next season is a better class all the way round, and if Garford returns they will be special

I think some truth in what you are saying. Such a shame for the program today in a bad national showing.

Instead of passing, guards at Arkansas like to hold the ball and dribble. Reminds me of the 5 star point guard we had several years ago, I believe from St Louis, that would never give up the ball so the other players just stood around. Since they are the best players, there is nothing the coach can do about that.