Wasabi Bowl

So far I’ve counted 13 people in the stands. Sparse attendance. Wonder if many bowls low attendance records will be broken this year, and next?

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I think college football is at a crossroads. If things keep spiraling out of control, I can’t imagine fan interest remaining very high.

It will be like minor league baseball. No one really cares if the Travelers or Naturals are successful.


School pride will become a diminishing factor in games until NIL is fixed.

Personally, I think we need to go back to no pay for play (other than free education, meals, and boarding) and strengthen NCAA so that cheating is eliminated.

Nothing else will save collegiate sports.


I agree 100% and add totally eliminate the portal. Go back to a scholarship being for four years and if a player transfer he loses a year of eligibility.

Basic college sports that worked even if some schools cheated.

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Agree Southpaw.

TV ratings are fantastic

2 good points, school pride like I (we have here) is going down hill & back to no pay ain’t happening

ESPN is glad you are watching. If you did not notice folks in stands, confirmation you watched.


Right. I’ve still got it on—watching ads—while I’m doing Christmas puzzles at my table. Just until Bama gets whipped by the Zags on cbs in a short bit.

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The minor bowl games have TV ratings on par with the most high profile regular season CBB games ( Duke - NC, etc.)

College football is the undisputed king of college sports.


The courts have already spoken that this model won’t work and isn’t leaving so the good ole days are gone.

Got to figure out how to navigate. Some fear the courts could say the athletes are actually employees of the school and then it will be real dicey.

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I just don’t ever see these athletes being employees but I do see independent contractor/LLC to handle the flow of money for tax purposes.

Addendum not directed at anyone:

NIL isn’t going anywhere but it is not being managed properly-I know, I’m captain obviou on this- but using NIL as cover to buy athletes needs to stop. How? I don’t know, I have zero power or sway. But kudos to the posters that recognize this and that pointed out that mismanagement/the unethical use of NIL is what’s causing the problems and overall angst amongst fans. Also, with the brunt of Covid over -as far as it affected athletics and partial seasons, not the virus and it’s variants/proliferation- it’s time to re-instate the transfer rules to bring back some stability while making sure the rights of athletes are respected.

You can’t reinstate the transfer rules and respect the rights of athletes. Because one of those rights is that they can change jobs/situations/schools just like anyone else. The only way to fix that, and I’m a broken record, is to declare them employees and collectively bargain it. If you’re going to cling to the student-athlete fiction, then that’s the price you have to pay.

I would go back to not playing freshmen. Complete change the relationship with the NFL.

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Like I said I don’t know and don’t have the time to pursue the details on the transfer thing. Thanks for the response.

Now, Athletes are not being paid NIL by the schools, so why would they ever be considered employees? Independent contractors/corp vehicles to address tax responsibilities for NIL payments, yes.

Clearly there is a massive breakdown on rules and enforcement of NIL. What changes need to be made and how that is going to look in the future is not in my wheelhouse. Let me re-iterate that I want what’s best for student-athletes.

The only thing I’m 100% sure of is that fans will never be happy for a myriad of whatever reasons.

One possible way to put school spirit and pride into the NIL environment is to “pool” the money for even distribution among all players. Therefore, an underpaid OG won’t let his defender slip by him to cremate his vastly overpaid QB, which may explain some of our lackluster performances by our OL this year.

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That would be a salary cap. Ha. QBs should get more.

We will see what the new NCAA president will do. Leadership has never been needed more.

I see no real answers here.

Well, there are collectives already AND people individually now. I just skewed my look at T’s point that having a very strong collective as a “base” would be quite attractive, but not trying to put words in his mouth.

“I see no real answers here.“ Agreed unfortunately.

I don’t believe the QB should receive more than his 1,000 yard RB, nor him more than his OL that got him there. I can see players all receiving the same base salary from the pool and receiving bonuses for high grading from film of each player’s performance.

If implemented last year, there were games KJ walked in his “fog” and wouldn’t rate any bonus while his RB and OL might have been laughing all the way to the bank.

Depends on the QB. Flat rates? That’s not America.

I would not ever let you set the rates. Poor Brandon Allen would have got soup.

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