Was wondering

I was sitting here enjoy the feeling of having the current best overall record of any conference team. Granted Bama has the best SEC record with Arkansas as #2, but overall… its US at 19-5 while Bama is currently 18-6. Even when/if Bama wins today they will be 19-6. So we are still 1/2 game better.

Anyways… thats where we are right now, I’m curious if anyone can provide a link or a copy of how the SEC prognosticators picked the standing pre-season. Weren’t we some where around 11th or so. I can’t remember, so thats why I ask.

I don’t have a link, but I think we were in the 7-8 range.

We were picked sixth.

I am wondering where we would be if Isaiah Joe would have not gone pro and Mr smith was never hurt.

This season reminds me of the teams during the 90-95 run. Sure is fun to see this team keep getting better.

If Justin stays healthy I think we’re about 21-3 now. If Joe stays… you never know. Maybe the chemistry wouldn’t be as good.

I agree. Good time to be a Hog fan.

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