Was wondering when Harris wIll have a bad game

Well, it was tonight. That was one frustrated PG trying to break down the zone. He will learn from this.

Also for the first time. Joe and Jones had a less than average shooting night at the same time.

And yes, Adrio has lost his confidence. When that happens, your strengths are no longer your strengths. As someone suggested he also seems to be less athletic, which is his strength.

I am not sure if Embery-Simpson is still nursing an injury. He doesn’t look anything like his highlight tape.

Of all the freshmen, I was most intrigued by Jordan Phillips, without him, we are reduced to just shooters and no scorers. On a bad shooting night, that can be the difference.

Playing Gafford and Chaney together is that it forces Gabe and Bailey to be on the floor at the same time. And Bailey not playing well, makes that situation even worse.

But there are so many new guys, I had expected spotty play like this. Games against Indiana, Texas and Colorado State kind of threw us off. But a stretch like the last three games was bound to happen.

On the positive side, with all the bad shooting, they still had a shot at it. If they can hang on to that fact, they will be fine.

Yes, this puts NCAAT in doubt just like it was at the start of the season. But it really depends on what happens next.

Mike has his work cut out, but he knew that before the season started. He was probably surprised with a 6-1 start just like we were. He ha s had the same starting lineup so far. I expect a shakeup. I believe Sills comes in for Jones and Chaney for Adrio.

Good post. I was surprised by 6-1 start as well, but dropping two very winnable games against mediocre teams at home is a tough pill.

We looked lost and uncoached the last minute of the game imo.

We will get better and we should be a Tourney team in year 8, but we all understand having mostly freshmen.

Was still hopeful they could at least make NCAA. But no way team dropping two at home to those teams makes it unless Mike can grab their attention like Nolan used to - and even then Nolan didn’t have all freshmen at this stage of his program but did have three final fours in about that time I believe. Not to get into comparisons.

Mike has a good young team. They will learn and get better.

Harris was clearly frustrated, though he did get it together a bit at the end, though he only had about 2 1/2 guys pitching in to play offense. I thought it was pretty telling that Mike, uncharacteristically, also got very upset with one of the guards (Embry-Simpson?) in the second unit and angrily gestured to the bench to get another guy in the game after the second bone-headed pass in a row in the second half.

They need more consistent scoring from guards not named Joe. Sills is showing flickers, but he needs another fifteen or twenty games of playing against good guards, I think. It would help an enormous amount if Phillips would start to contribute.

I like Chaney and Gafford on the floor together, but Bailey and Gabe are just awful on offense right now, which puts even more pressure on the other guards to generate some offense. I kind of wonder if Henderson will get a few more minutes in the last few non-conference games, just to see if he’s able to get in the mix for time with the subs.

I would not label WKU and G Tech mediocre. They will have a Top 100 to 120 RPI by the end of the season.

We don’t have enough talent to play 10 guys. We are a team who has a nice lineup of Gafford, Joe, Jones, Harris and Chaney. They are a very good group. But, our bench is not real talented. We probably should play a lot more like Georgia Tech. That was a half court game and Tech was better at it than we were.

We never got a cheap basket. We aren’t getting turnovers and going on runs…our offense is based upon getting Gafford the ball at times or just passing it around the perimeter until we can get off a three. That is fine if Joe and Jones are hot, but what if they are not?

I don’t really have an answer, but it looks like we are stuck between two styles of basketball…the old Nolan style which we don’t seem suited to or the game we played last night…the half-court game. Sills is a quality sub who is getting better, seemingly every game, but Bailey and Gabe need to ride the pine unless they are subbing for Gafford or Chaney. We just don’t have quality, dependable depth right now. No way we can press and play the old Nolan style Mike would like to play. It will be interesting to see what Coach Anderson and his staff do to try to win going forward.

Thank god we don’t play the powerhouses of Troy and Gardner Webb.

Gardner Webb has won 7 straight and won 106-27 on Wednesday.

Yep, probably a good thing.

Lol. Who’s their coach?

PJ, seriously, you want to bench Jones? He’s the most “all around player” on the team. He’s 3rd on the team in scoring (just under 14 a game) and 2nd in almost every other category. When his shot is not falling, he rebounds and gets assists (2nd in both categories). Shooting 42% on 3s and 80% FT (2nd in both and also has shot the 2nd most FTs). The one thing Jones does need to clean up though is turnovers. He’s also 2nd in that category, and that’s certainly not a good thing. And last night, it’s not like Jones had a terrible shooting night like Joe did. He shot 38.5% on 3s for the night. Yes it’s under his 42% ave.

Just wondering is the sky falling?
Phillips needs to get healthy and playing.
That will help. Sills needed to take more shots last night he’s much improved.
The free throw line was a bright spot. 7/9. The problem with that by not stacking the rim and when we did faking until 3 or 4 players surrounding the ball it was as either a TO attempting to pass out or a horrible blocked shot. They played young and scared. It happens.

If you’re going to mention that then you should probably also mention that we are WKU’s only win in their last 4 games. They’ve lost to the powerhouses of:
Missouri St

That will be a bad, bad loss.

I know. But I think if you want to shake up the lineup for guards, I don’t know what else can you do. Plus that would get some offense inthe second 5. I agree Jones is very valuable.

Outside of Chaney and Sills there hasn’t been any production in a few games.
Rotating Jones and Joe need to be on the floor. When one of those 2 come off the floor Sills need to be on the floor with the other one. Emery hasn’t settled down yet. I still hope he starts to show some kind of spark.
Henserson is the one that baffles me that he hasn’t earned the playing time to be a role player. He’s the one that could shine.
Maybe the light comes on for him soon.
Gabe and Adrio will be hit and miss
The hogs really took a hit when Hall transferred by listening to the wrong people. Hall could have made a big difference this year.

I’ve been thinking about how bad Harris has been at the end of recent close games. He has been the minute leader all season at over 30 minutes a game, and recently at even higher minutes. The PG in Mike’s system has to work harder than the other players because he’s chasing the ball and the other PG. Perhaps he’s leg weary at the most critical time, the last few minutes of a game. Since Desi has been playing MUCH better, I do think he should pick up more of Harris’ minutes so he’ll be fresh at the end of games. I don’t think that relates to starting, but we really need Harris sharp the last few minutes of a tight game. With Harris at the top of his game late, we probably win those last 2 losses.

Oh, and concerning Jones, lately, he’s not been able to close out on his drives against bigger and better inside players. Without hops, he needs to either look to pass or stop and pop a 10-15 footer when he’s able to penetrate. That’s hurt us several times in recent games.

I agree with that. I think we will see a lot more Sills from now on. You may recall that when people were naming starters before the season started, I had predicted Sills will end up starting by conference time. There is something about that kid.

I think the starting lineup tomorrow will be Gaffor, Chaney, Joe, Sills and Harris.

I like threads like this when people are discussing strengths and weaknesses of the players rather than whether we have the right coach.

Finally, I chalk last two home losses to me being not in my seat at BWA because of travel. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: And I won’t be there tomorrow either. Not a good sign for the Hogs.

I was thinking about that staring lineup tomorrow as well, but I thought Desi for Joe. Then either Harris or Desi stays in when Joe comes in and we now have points off the bench.

Our best players are Gafford, Mason and Joe. You can’t play those guys less than 30 minutes. We don’t have the bench to put Joe or Mason on it. They need to play and come out when they are tired. We are going to have to play more half court basketball this year. The only shooters we have are Mason and Joe. When one of them is on the bench, we aren’t very good. Coach Anderson has a dilemma because he really can’t play as fast as he would like because we just don’t have enough good players.

If we add a couple of young guns to this team, even after Gafford is gone, we are going to be pretty salty next year.

It will be very interesting to see how Coach Anderson and his staff determine the best way to maximize the talent they have. When we enter conference play, that’s when you will see what he is going to do and how he will play it. I just don’t see us playing full court ball…we can’t.