was trey t hurt?

we are moving into a new house so watched the game with one eye as we unpacked, but during our win streak we’ve been playing moses and trey together, very effectively, and we did;t tonight as we ended on a terrible stretch. I kept wondering why no Trey? or if we were only going to play one big, why not play trey over moses?

thanks in advance for any insight


It was more of the “old Trey” tonight with silly reach fouls and their guards went around him fairly easy if they got in the lane. All of our “4s” were poor to non-descript tonight.

The Florida bigs were too fast for Trey. He was a step slower than the Fla guys.

It’s obvious somebody kidnapped the NEW Mike Anderson and brought back the OLD CMA. He forgot what he has adjusted for the recent surge. We started in MAN? We Stayed in MAN until we were down 16? Our Zone has been the key to our success but go away from it…UNTIL it is too late. Never mind CMA blundered on Senior Night at UF and gave them an emotional high on steroids with all of the easy shots against our Man defense.

How was our offense in the first 5-10 minutes? Do you think Florida is better at slashing or shooting 3’s? Did they get up by shooting 3’s in the corner or lay ups? If both, which frustrates you more? Does the zone help with in paint or in the corner? Curious for your answers on all of these questions.

In my opinion, Our man defense was terrible to start the game as stated elsewhere. Florida hurt us with both drives to the basket and kick outs to the outside shooter. Their guards got past us a lot for drives or kickouts. Our man defense impacted our rebounding with Moses out at the key trying to cover Guards. Our man defense leaves us in disarray most of the time because of over reactions to guards that blow by our defense at the key for easy layups. We either lose containment and they drive past our defender who then is out of position and at risk of picking up a foul OR they drive past our defender and the surrounding hogs collapse to cut off the lane and leave an outside shooter open.

I dislike opponent drives to the basket a tad bit more than 3’s because there is always a chance to pick up a foul under the basket, the percentage shot is high leading to efficient possessions. The 3 is a lower percentage shot if contested. The odd issue is that the outside 3 hurts us more often on Man than what you normally see on the back side of a zone. Our zone is very aggressive and Moses cleans up mistakes and blocks shots.

Our offense was unorganized because of the speed of UF guards creating quick reactions on switches and shifts. We would be open for a split second and then it closed shut. UF guards were keeping our passes on the perimeter by doubling MK, cutting off drives, blanketing our guards which pushed our perimeter far away from the basket. UF was very physical with their defense and inside and out to cut off drives. They muscled us into different lanes for our motion offense which caused problems with knowing where a player is going for a pass. We did not drive to the basket very well until we settled down later to spread the floor for Barford. Moses was double teamed, he also had a hard time finding an open player for a pass if he was not confident about his shot, and our guards couldn’t get open looks from the outside.

Huntinhog it is your turn to provide answers to your own questions. I am curious for your answers

I think Florida is just better. I watched last night and attended the game at Fayetteville and came away convinced. They’re better and by a substantial margin. Whichever d we played wasn’t really relevant…they’re a bad matchup for us. Quicker at every position and very skilled offensively.