Was there ever an explanation of the weird

call in game 3 last weekend (5th inning I think) where MSU had a guy on first, batter hits it to the outfield, our guy appears to catch it, but apparently didn’t. The guy on first thinks he caught it, so he returns to 1st. Outfielder throws the ball to 2nd. Guy should be out. Sorry he was wrong about out guy catching it.

After review, the call both guys safe.

It ended up not mattering, but what the heck???

Sorry if it has been covered.

Yes, the announcers came back with explanation later in the broadcast. The ump on the field called it a catch and the batter out in real time, which sent the runner at first back to first. On review it showed no catch so the batter was safe at first. Because the ump mistakenly called it a catch on the field, that forced the runner at first not to advance to second.

Basically umpire interference and by rule both runners get to take their base. Both announcers agreed the rule needs to be changed, but for now it was by the rules.

If any catch is reversed to no catch on replay, every runner on base gets to advance one base. There is some more here.

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