Was the ball even catchable ?


How is it every year of the 4 or 5 players we can’t afford to lose gets hurt. At least 2-3 every year… Pulley for 1

It was defensive holding for sure… shouldn’t have been Pi though.

No. It wasn’t. If anything it’s a super weak hold. Ninety nine times out of 100 it isn’t called there. File it with all the Skipper penalties and the Malcolm Shepherd phantom PF. Just highway robbery. I don’t care what the announcers said. Total BS.

I never agree with the refs but it was definitely holding. The question is “was the ball catchable”. He had a handful of jersey about half the route.

The reason it was holding is: 1) he grabbed the jersey, 2) prevented the player for going back to the ball.

Uncatchable balls aren’t generally looked at for holding.

one of those calls where it had nothing to do with the catch but no denying he had hands on the jersey. now we are a bad football team for sure but one that is snakebit as well. tough combination!

Might have been holding, but that’s not what they called.

On a make up call in the first half Nance was held and no call the announcers called it a make up no call.
Look at Kirks kickoff return for the TD and you will see an Aggie holding a hog that Kirk to the outside. That wasn’t called either.