Was Starkel the Manchurian Quarterback?

I smell a conspiracy. Guy arrives from Ag and M with much fanfare. Plays lights out vs Ole Miss and CSU, winning the trust of his coaches and teammates. Then comes the ill fated fourth game of the season, aka the beginnig of the end. No way Jose beats us without the aid of Nicky Pix! 5 ints?Against his future team? Only 4 and we probably win. Follow the money as they say. I bet it knows the way to San Jose.

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San Jose State doesn’t have any money. That’s why they agreed to come here for a million and a half and then kicked our butt. Their biggest home crowd was 18,000. This is a school with 32,000 students in a city of 1 million, mind you.

It only takes one uber wealthy shadow donor and a guy throwing to the wrong team Swine. Not saying it happened mind you. Just such wierd news that it demands some crazy speculation.

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Let me get this straight. You think they paid NS to play like crap in September or they’re rewarding him now for playing like crap? And why would you give a scholarship to a guy who threw five picks against you?

Let’s not forget that SJS wasn’t the only game in which Starkel was clueless, by the way.

Well playing this out to its illogical conclusion, why wouldn’t he continue to throw picks? He obviously convinced you that he was just a bad QB. Let’s see how he does next year. If he puts up Ty Storey at WKU like numbers it might be time to bring Oliver Stone in!

You got that part right anyway

NS is going there because he knows they will catch his passes.

I wish him he best of luck and success as he was all good while at U of A.


Exactly…Nick hit SJS players between the numbers like a champ!

Wish him the best. Too bad he didn’t have the line or coaching he needed here.

Not being able to run the ball against San Jose was part of what happened that day. And bad defense. No doubt, picks in red zone were a major deal.

I did not see any meetings pre-game that now seem suspicious.

Maybe Starkel is just color blind. He couldn’t tell red from white. Nah, he just couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a shotgun. :confused:

So do the Joses return the QB who lit us up? Also, are grad transfer players with two years of eligibility remaining, unrestricted free agents who can play one year at one school then transfer to another without sitting out?

Inane thinking. College QB taking bribes to throw a game so he can transfer to school paying him. Hello need a referral?

If you think that was a serious post, you may be the one in need of something.

No I didn’t think it was a serious post just playing along. Sorry should have said hyperbole

I think we all know it was kidding. Even Justin Bieber got it. I hope.

Can’t hate in ole Nick - he got us our one and only VIP ticket to Club Dub


Yep. Club Dub was the apex of the Chad Morris error. As good as it was going to get. He was Nicky Six that day and CJ was on his way to winning the Mackey. It was all just overmixed bass, strobe lights and illusion. Beyond sad.

Starkel may have been one of many victims to CCM’s bad coaching & lack of player development & prep for game day so don’t totally blame him for his lack of success. Any QB success during our abysmal 2019 season was in spite of the coaching.

SJS defensive backs are lining up in the receiver’s room…

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