Was Starkel encouraged to leave by Pittman?

Starkel’s text indicates that is possible.

Unsure but from we we watched this past season who knows for sure.
He sure don’t put the world on fire!
The real question is would Starkel ask Coach Pitman if he thought he could commit to him starting next season? Then what would Coaches answer be?

I’m confident all QBs will be better behind a CSP Oline including Starkel but sounds like that train has departed and Starkel had a ticket to ride. WPS

Wonder if Starkel was ever a RPO qb. Don’t think there was enough film to evaluate and Mond did beat him out in Aggieland

IMHO, I really doubt that Coach Pittman told Nick Starkel to head out.

Seems like those type of things would be a little farther down the list than he might have gotten to so far.

Especially not before hiring an OC.

Agree, I don’t see Pittman encouraging anyone to leave yet from his comments about the portal initially. Especially on offense without input from an OC. Don’t see him committing to anybody either, gotta earn it.
Starkel has potential, but expected to much to quick and hasn’t had the benefit of good coaching.