Was just driving around listening to NFL on Sirius

In this case, the Chargers broadcast of their game with the Eagles. LAC had a two-minute drive going, got inside the Philly 20, and they took Hunter Henry out of the game. The guys noted after the eventual field goal that HH had not even been thrown to in two of the three games so far, and not so far today either. Last year he was the go-to guy in the red zone. They both said they were mystified by that.

That crazy. HH needs to be on the field and he needs to be part of thier offense.
The only NFL games I’m going to watch is the cowboys until they stop the protest stuff. The not for long league !

Army, you remember that oath you took when you joined the Army? The part about supporting and defending the Constitution? You know, that piece of paper that says people have freedom of speech including to protest? I guess you didn’t really mean it

Swine, I’m mostly on your side of the argument here. I have no issue with the kneeling. But the First Amendment only applies to government restriction on speech. The NFL is not the government, and neither is Army. He can choose not to watch the NFL for any reason he wants. You seem to know a lot about a lot of things. Let’s get this right, especially when addressing a member of our military.

Me and my son have been discussing this. He said it was announced at the beginning of the season that HH was the starter and Gates was the backup. He picked him for his fantasy. Like those guys, I noticed last week, they weren’t looking at Hunter, couple times that got inside the 30, they pulled him out. Didn’t see the game this week, but sounds like the same thing. Wonder if HH made somebody mad, or if they’re letting Gates have his final season.

Love your input but That was not cool. I put dozens of our finest in body bags in Baghdad ER, black, white, Hispanic, Asian, and others in between. Yes they died for that right, but I’m sure their families left with only a flag to remember them by don’t kneel at the national anthem. And out of respect for those burned, blown up, mutilated and unrecognizable bodies and remains of these men and women we should do the same.

Protest all you want, but don’t do it that way. If even one, and only one, family member of a dead American hero is hurt by this then another way to protest should be utilized.

Rant over

Way outta line here Swine IMO, Army thank you for your service

Protesting can cut many different ways. Sure they have a right to protest and millions of fans can react to their disrespectful but constitutionally protected antics by tuning them out. I don’t watch much NFL football any way. Now I watch none. That includes playoffs and Super Bowl. It sounds like I’m not alone. If the geniuses insist on killing the golden goose, so be it.

Well, it’s certainly true the NFL is not the gov’t and as a private enterprise they are not bound by the first amendment. Our president, however, was way out of line by encouraging it to implement a rule against the kneeling. That’s an abuse of his office & probably an unconstitutional abuse of it. (Besides, I have hard time listening to him talk about respect for our military when he said of John McCain, a genuine war hero, that he likes those who weren’t captured. And now that McCain is dying bringing him up as fodder for boos at a campaign rally in Alabama.)

Regardless, I don’t think any player who kneels is paying any disrespect to any dead serviceman or woman. They’re protesting what they believe is mistreatment of black men & women by policemen. But even though everyone is free to dislike their protests, might boycott the NFL because of it, or not watch on TV, for the life of me, I can’t understand why peaceful protest annoys people so much. I remember the 60’s and black protests came under just as much criticism then. Most of it pretty identical to the criticism today: they should be “grateful,” they shouldn’t do it this way or that way. The Birmingham police were just keeping the peace when they used fire hoses on protesters. The freedom riders were just agitators & instigators.

Personally, I sometimes get choked up hearing the Star Spangled Banner. I had the privilege of experiencing it at Ft McHenry a few years ago. After watching a film about the song at the museum there, we were asked to stand & look to our right. As we did a curtain was opened & we were face to face with a full size replica of the flag was flying inside the fort. I couldn’t hold back tears & the lump in my throat was positively painful. I also heard it, along with songs like “God Bless America” coming from the chimes at the American cemetary above Omaha Beach at closing time. So I get the emotion. I’ll stack my patriotism against anyone’s. However, I will NEVER belittle or criticize someone engaged in non-violent protest against the flag, the anthem, or anything else. If their consciences tell them they want to express a criticism of America, especially when that criticism is well-founded, I will applaud them doing so. That’s what makes this country great. Not only the right to protest, but the willingness of someone to do it–especially when they’re roundly criticized for it. I admire their courage. And I don’t believe for one moment they’re disrespecting a serviceman. I admire our military people, but I expect them to be just as willing to respect peaceful protests, even against the flag, as I expect it of other Americans.

Your people skills may need work after all.