Was it me...

Or did Macon give Monk “the business” on the play he went down?

I love that guy!


I like how he tried to get tough with Dusty Hannahs lol. Bet he wouldn’t’ do that to Barford or Macon.


Did any of you see the look Thompson gave him when he and Dusty got tangled up?

Monk has the same problems as Mitch Mustain - poor guidance from family members.


I hope he never comes back.

I can’t recall a recruiting situation that was handled more poorly than Monk’s recruitment. You can tell when CMA talks about it he’s still salty about it. I’ve never heard him mention how long and hard he recruited a kid before.

Who burns their own alma mater like Marcus did. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do that. He burned us in that one basketball season, then came back and burned us delivering his brother right to Kentucky. Why would you move your brother to Bentonville, do all types of basketball promotions and stuff in northwest Arkansas, take a GA position on the Razorback staff, and then send your brother to Kentucky. It’s one thing not to choose Arkansas, but this had to be the worst lead on of all time.

Then I heard during his recruitment, Malik was working out with the Razorback players and doing pick-up games with them. If you know you’re not coming to Arkansas why get chummy with the players and use them to help you get better just to go play for our rival? I don’t care what anyone says, it doesn’t take 3 years to realize if you want to play for Arkansas or not. If you’re an Arkansas kid and don’t wanna play for Arkansas, you usually know that pretty quick, tell the staff like Kevaughn Allen did early in his process, and let the coaches focus on other recruits. Don’t move up here, play pick-up games with the players, and have your brother take a GA position for them and then say oh I thought about it Kentucky is a better fit for me.

Big game and Jarrod Barnes shows up again. :lol:

My attitude on the whole thing is that if the kid wants to make a business decision, do as you see fit. Just don’t tease us. Marcus should not have accepted GA position at Arkansas. Malik should not have come to Arkansas game with a Hog shirt. He should not have given Portis and Macon who were with him during the official visit even a hint he was coming here. I am sure there are other teases that I cannot recall.

Someone mentioned “Fame and Fortune.” When will we learn, fame and fortune doesn’t bring happiness? So many times the opposite is true.

It appears Monk is being treated like a piece of property by his brother. It’s hard to believe the younger Monk is comfortable with all this.


He will throw AR some love at the end of his NBA career and all will be forgotten.

Kid barring injury about to be rich. Richer than us for sure. Don’t like that he left the state but I don’t hate the kid. Why no hatred for Allen? Or Frazier? Or all the kids recently that have left the state. Some here, wonder if they would say those things to the kid face to face. I am proud however of our players who did stay and play for the home team. And I’m glad they put extra effort into stopping him. This team just might be developing a chip on its shoulder.


I didn’t see anyone say they hated him, I don’t hate anybody. But, as an Arkansas fan I don’t like the way they lead us on then went to our rival. And I mentioned in my post that I thought Allen handled his recruiting well (until his stepdad called on the radio). He let Arkansas know from the very start he wasn’t interested, and the staff put most of their time into Jimmy Whitt and we landed him. Had they not spent all that time on Malik you never know there may have been another top guy they could have landed instead.

And me personally I’m more upset about the way Marcus handled the situation, you don’t burn your alma mater like he did. If he wasn’t 100% sure Malik was coming to Arkansas, he shouldn’t have took a GA spot here, he shouldn’t have been having his brother working out with our players, and he shouldn’t have had his brother coming to hog games in hog gear, like PJHawg mentioned. Stuff like that just makes us as fans think they used Arkansas, then took the better “offer” from Kentucky.

If you can think of another situation where a family member had close ties to a program and hung around the program after graduation and was even on staff with the school then lead their family member to a rival school, I’d be curious to read about that situation, I honestly never heard of anyone doing their own school like that before.

I agree with all you guys regarding Monk. Him and his family used us and stabbed us in the back. That’s how I feel about it. As for Keith Jackson’s return, at least he earned it by doing something positive for Central AR kids.

I’m with you 100%.

I also agree with Notorious PIG’s post. I think that it does an excellent job conveying how I feel about those two and why their actions have led me to feel much more bitter towards them than I do towards most other Arkansas kids who choose to go elsewhere. I am glad the Kentucky game is over and that we can now focus on hopefully starting a good run in conference play.