Was it generalhog?

That predicted we would win the sec tourney and go to the dance. After the way we played against Bama he just might be a guru. Gafford had monster game, kids played well and Anderson schooled their coach. Great game hogs.

That was me. I hope I’m right and I hope I’m twice right tomorrow with our ladies.

That was him. What an idiot. Pipe dream. I’m hoping if I shoot my mouth off and remain negative on outside I’ll eat a big piece of humble pie.

Former baseball player I believe in karma. This team has played much better since I swore of berating Harris.

He was obviously talking about the girls…

If we make it to the SEC championship game…that may be enough. That would mean some huge wins against good teams. Could squeak in as 10 seed or even play in game


The ladies might back in the dance. They sure like a Tournamnet team right now! But they have to win tomorrow. I don’t think they will get an at large bid.
For the men. The ref’s will screw the hogs aginst the bubble team Florida. That game will be full of whistles on the Florida offensive end and we will get hammered on our end with no calls.
If the men beat Florida and LSU that won’t do it alone. Win the whole thing all 4 games is what I think it takes.

No ouch. That was complete sarcasm.

I figured.

Mike Anderson didn’t school Avery Johnson…Daniel Gafford did. Without Gafford we lose that game by 15-20 points. Alabama is a big, talented fast group. Gafford was superb tonight.

Right. When he wins it’s because of the players (even though he “can’t recruit”). When he loses, it’s always because he didn’t draw up enough ball plays, the other coach had more men than him because they outworked and outrecruited him. Got it.

He’s 4-0 against Avery, who a lot of people here hype as some world beater but gets lesser or equivalent results with better players.

But, ya, it’s just because MA rolled the ball out.