Was it a mistake on the DL?

To move Ledbetter and Agim inside?

I think we gotten very little from the DE position. I love Wise but I think he is hurt. He just has not looked the same the last few games.

I think Capps, Bijhon, TJ Smith and Taiwan have played pretty well. I really like TJ potential. They just need to clog up the middle.

I think we would get a better rush from the ends with Ramsey, Agim, Ledbetter and Beanum. Let Wise rotate in when its an obvious passing down.

Just one person’s opinion, but the bigger issue for the defensive ends to me is frequently losing containment. Our flanks have been very soft and once we lose containment we have done a poor job of tackling. Don’t know if Wise is getting tired, but he has not been as disruptive as I had hoped for.

Agim is a great athlete and should be at DE, in my view. He is fast and quick and could be a tremendous outside rusher. He and Leadbetter are our best athletes on the DL and should be at the end position. I think the coaches made an error. Why not try it how? The defense has nowhere to go, but up. Shake it up, do something different.

We have to get some speed at linebacker. I guess it will be next year. I hope it will be next year.

Our defense is not very physical and they don’t run well…a bad combination.

Great question…Ole CBB loves moving kids out of position. At least move them around for goodness sake.

How is it you’re an expert on CBB’s intentions and can state that he, “loves moving kids out of position”???

I’ve seen them moved around on a number of occasions. There were snaps against Bama where D Wise and Beanum shifted down to tackle while Agim and Ledbetter went outside.

In my opinion, you want your best athletes on the D-Line at the tackle position against teams with either a running QB or quick passes. There are simply fewer and fewer plays that take enough time to develop for an end to get to the QB. However, a tackle that can get through the O-Line quickly is extremely valuable. That’s who killed us on Bama’s D-Line. Also, think back to Philon or the Fairley kid from Auburn in the year of their NC.