was Gerry Bohannon visiting LSU today

so noted in a post from the Saints board:

I’m hoping LSU blows this thing out of the water and by the 3rd quarter they hand it off to Brennan for reps. No mercy and no quarter shall be given.

Some recruits that are expected to be attending are:
2018 CLASS
QB, James Foster
QB, Gerry Bohanon
DL, Ja’Quon Griffin
WR, Jalen Hill
WR, Lawrence Keys III
TE, Glenn Beal
DE, Michael Williams
DT, Dominic Livingston

2019 CLASS
DB, Maurice Hampton
DL, Joseph Evans
DT, Gerald Irons III
DB, Erick Young
DB, Jamal Morris
CB, Alex Hogan
DB, Marcus Banks
DB, Bobby Wolfe
DB, Marcus Banks
CB, Derek Stingley
OT, Kenyon Green
LB, Donte Starks
WR, Dylan Wright

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Yes he was there.

That had been planned, but he didn’t know whether it would be an official or unofficial when I last talked to him

Warren’s Treylon Burks was there too.