Was Elmo right?

It wasn’t Elmo’s content. It was his presentation.

That sums up the problem…

It’s elmo under a new name.

You’re repeating some of the same talking points the same way. You gotta hide yourself better.

Army your line about “develop and teach” is imperative and will determine the longevity as the Razorback head coach, he has done well on the recruiting but so has most Sec coaches. No matter how well you recruit if our coaches are unable to develop and teach these young men the program will stay in the cellar and the coaches home unemployed. WPS

Hogbacker teaching in order to develop is the key! There are a few coaches on this staff that have done an amazing job in the past now it time for them to get r done!
Improvement stopped several weeks ago for this team as a whole.
Time to go to work coaches. They have some time but they better get to work.

Upper classmen have cashed it in fellas. Writing on the wall for some. Now it’s up to the youngsters to take note & either regain some pride & prove something or they will sulk & tuck their tales & bale out at 1st chance.
In this situation with discontent & adversity the new red shirt rule could bite us.

It is possible to judge what we’ve seen so far without passing final judgement. So far I’ve seen very little (outside of recruiting) that I would call good, and several things that I would call bad. I would say the way this team has performed this year too often has been absolutely unacceptable and downright embarrassing.
You don’t fire a coach after the first year looks rough. But in 2-3 years when it is time to pass judgement, this year won’t be forgotten, and he will have to add enough to the good column of his ledger to outweigh or atleast equal the massive steaming pile of bad that’s been laid in the bad column.

Elmo is a pessimist and always will be. It’s just in his jeans. I’m not aware of all that he says because I blocked him a month or more ago.

I’ll tell you what I believe. Take a look at CCM last SMU team and you’ll find a group of young men who fought in every game win or loose. There is no question in my mind that he has what it takes to turn this thing around.

The life blood of having a successful team is recruiting, and he is doing a splendid job in that area.

This team has lost confidence in their own team mates. It all starts with the leader of the team, and there is no leader on this Arkansas team.

If we can be fortunate enough to land a certain transfer on Dec 4th it will change the entire outlook of this team. GHG!

It is too early to start any talk of firing Morris. He inherited an undisciplined, weak, fat and slow football team. I can understand his frustation with the poor culture he walked into. He needs to explain to the players that the old way is over and if they won’t accept that, he should tell them to hit the road. You can not run anything (business, football teams, government, ) without order. The consequences of failure are bankrupt business, fired coaches, and new goverrnment.

Morris has a much better recruiting start than any of our other head football coaches. If he can find out which players want to be Razorbacks and make sure they understand that breaking rules will not be allowed, he will be closer to competing in the SEC. We hired a coach, not a buddy. Keep recruiting a winning team of disciplined players that can compete with the top teams of the SEC. Keep at it because you inherited a total cluster. Good luck and I will be cheering for you and our Razorbacks. WPS

I don’t think CCM is the problem, but I do wonder about some of the other coaches. If you can’t install your full offense, heck, even half of it, with a spring, summer and 11 games, then something is wrong with the ability of the coaches to teach or the ability of the players to learn. Since most teams have about the same average intellect as our players, then I tend to think that it is on the coaches. You can know how to on technique, but knowing how and being able to transfer that knowledge to a player and inspire (leadership) them to greatness is something else. CCM has a lot to think about.

Actually it was Elmo Wright not Right. Tremendous WR and the father of the modern end zone dance.

I was thinking William Arthur Johnson was the end zone dance innovator.
Better known as Billy Whiteshoes.

Dec 4th in my opinion changes very little either way,we don’t have a peice missing we have missing peices. WPS

This is my sentiment. In fact, I’d add to it by saying that I feel like we are getting worse. I get that seniors may be checking out, but I’m not seeing much improvement with underclassmen that I thought we would see by now. That’s what concerns me. We keep talking about the recruiting, but what about the freshman that are currently on the team and and talented. Are they improving? It doesn’t appear so to me. I guess, if we are relying on time, then we have to understand that the future recruiting will take years to evolve. CCM does have a lot to think about, because I don’t think fans will be as patient next year.

There needs to be a talent upgrade at almost every position, but we need a leader and talent at QB. I’m sure Ty is a great young man, but he does not have the talent or confidence to play in the SEC. I’d take every other starter in this league over him if given the opportunity. Hate to say it but I would and a talented, confident QB is the most important player on any offense IMO.

Connor needs to take huge steps or a talented grad transfer must be signed. This is a QB dependent system and we do not have one.

As far as patience I’m expecting 5-7 or 6-6 next year after looking at the schedule, losses on other teams, expected returnees, expected improvement from another year in the system, etc. If we do not take the field against Mizzou in 2019 with at least a chance to qualify for a bowl game I’ll be very disappointed.

This pretty much sums up my feelings. Morris has done little to impress me to date. Definitely willing to give him time, but I expect some kind of install with his offense next year. He can rant and rave all he wants, but this team has shown little to no fight in at least two games this year. Sadly I don’t expect much today.

critical thing for Coach Morris is revamping the Offensive Line! Ours is no where near SEC standards. An average quarterback can look really good if given enough time to find his receivers. Receivers that are good can look great if given enough time to work their way open. My thoughts on what Coach Morris’s offense would be is to have quick passes to get the ball out of the qb’s hands. Our offensive lines cannot hold blocks long enough for the routes to develop and cannot knock the defensive line off the line of scrimmage. If offensive line play does not get better, our offense will not be successful. How that gets improved will help me judge our coach/coaches.