Was Elmo right?

So far, other than recruiting, he was spot on. Didn’t agree w him but after watching most of that fiasco today makes me wonder Are some of our coaches not ready for prime time players also?

No, he was and is still wrong on most issues he brought up.

It’s a fair question - I tend to think the main problems are a long-standing losing culture and poor talent.

That said, anybody that says we have the right guy are hoping at this point. He’s done nothing to definitely demonstrate to me he’s the guy.

I don’t think we can really know about coaching. The talent isn’t there & at this point in the season when there’s no way to reach a bowl or much of anything else, it’s hard to get players focused. I’m sure many players have mailed it in. It’s simply premature. If recruiting weren’t going well, I’d be more concerned, but it is going well. I’d also be more concerned if we’d played every game like we did today. However, we’ve been competitive in all our games since UNT until today.

No one can look at today’s results or this year’s team & say everything is going well, but I don’t think we can look at it & say we’re doomed, either.

It’s so easy to say this. Big difference between leaders and followers. Which are you?

Just asked a question. Jury is still out as far as coaching. I did say I didn’t agree w him but he forecast this season.

Also gave credit for recruiting success. I don’t know any fan happy about today or this season. If one is not upset, I wonder if they are a real fan or not.

By the way , after listening to our coach just now, I would venture to say he’s none too happy either

Which are you?

I want so badly to believe that Chad was a good hire, but it does concern me that enough of the kids, to make a difference, have found it easy to play at a less than acceptable effort. As big a goof as Houston was, his kids would give him a good effort.

Jury is still out. Recruiting gets a very good notice, and that’s big! Full tilt boogie has been a no show and unnoticed.

I haven’t really noticed anything else. We just don’t have a playmaker/threat anywhere on the field.

Going by today this is going to be a later vs sooner turn around. A lengthy process. Years possibly.

I still think he will and can, but at this point there is no fruit of progress in play.

I disagree mildly. I think Boyd is a playmaker as are Scoota and Dre. But there’s not much else.

I really don’t know how you judge him at this point. He has no OL and few playmakers.

That said, there have been some game-day concerns. There’s been no hammering down. It could be argued that his decision-making in the CSU and OM games cost them wins.

I was hopeful that a different approach (playing to win and not to lose) would give them a boost in some close games.

And, it seems like every week we look disorganized offensively and get procedure penalties every week.

This was a bad team any way you cut it but they should have won CSU and OM.

More concerning has been that they’ve noticeably quit on him a few times. I’ll give him a break on that because these aren’t “his” guys.

But, after starting to get some mid season offensive momentum I was hoping we could at least build on that to have something to provide hope going into next year.

That hasn’t happened and I dread next year more than this year. Maybe he can land a grad transfer QB and that will help. Right now we are just in some dark days.

Scoota and Dre are good players and they’ve made a lot of plays but the proof is in the pudding. A lot of their tackles have come 7-8 yards down the field and there haven’t been many at the LOS or TFLs.

I’m not griping about them. I just can’t find much to like. On paper, with those 2, Agim and Pulley (and Watts emerging) you should have had the makings of a solid defense and it just hasn’t happened.

I agree that the proof is in the pudding, but it’s hard for me to think that one of the top tacklers in the league isn’t a playmaker. He’s making some of those tackles so far downfield because the DL isn’t eating up blocks and keeping OL off the LB. i think Agim has been disappointing and Pulley apparently hasn’t had his head in all the games. The defense is poor.

Can we agree that Boyd is a playmaker? Considering the ineptitude of the OL, WR, et. al, he seems to have the ability to make something out of nothing. I think he will be improved next year.



I don’t believe this team has the strength to overcome adversity. They just melt. The towel was thrown in after the first failed offensive possession. We no longer have a vocal leader on offense or defense.
I question the play calling last week in the first half against LSU and today early after our first down at the 19. Once the FG was missed in was academic.
There’s never been a spark to ignite this team no big play with substance or a win to give them hope. I appreciate the players that give it their all and have done their best. This season will be over next weekend and I’m hoping the incoming recruiting class shows up prepared to play next fall.
As for the coaches I hope the staff as a whole can develop and teach. Immediate playing time in the SEC west will be tough on our young hogs next fall.
CCM needs to roll his sleeves up and dig in. The good news is there no where from the bottom to go but up!

Elmo made plenty of good points & obviously hit on how this season would play out with CCM. But that probably would have happened with any coach. He had other irritating qualities though.

Now more importantly, when we missed out on the 1st drive & came out with zero on missed FG as the announcers called it in warm ups Limpert struggled from that hash mark.
Even a TD then wouldn’t have changed the outcome, how many times the last 3 years we would take the opening drive & drive right down & get a TD. Looking great, but the other team adjusts & we slowly grind to a halt trying the same things.
I didn’t expect us to come close in this game because we came close (on the scoreboard) last week. Status quo.
I’m not a fan of throwing a bunch of freshmen to the wolves, but that may be all we can do next year. Let them come together collectively over time the next 3 years & pray this staff can pull in 2-3 more classes as good or better than the one coming in next year.

We are now playing against those experienced bought & paid for recruiting classes from other SECW schools.

I’ve watched enough football that I can tell what a well coached team looks like. Even if a team is just overmatched in talent, there are occasions where I say to myself “this is a well coached team.” It shows. There isn’t a single game this season that I have thought that about our team.

He was absolutely right about his assessment of CCM as a coach. And y’all couldn’t wait to dog him out.

Recruiting(if they can hold on to them), will help, but it’s not just recruiting.

This staff completely botched their preparation of this team, game after game, after game. You can look at EVERY game and point something that was boneheaded. We have been the laughing stock on EVERY sports network in the nation. And radio!

So far, he’s not looking like the coach we thought he was SUPPOSED to be. Many of you crowned him so fast. So many of you wanted CBB gone so bad, any change was good for you. So now we are stuck. We were promised a lot of things from this coach, and I haven’t seen anything on the field from game to game that shows he’s capable to deliver.

All I will say is this - CCM better hope he has a drastic improvement next season. He’s got a divided locker room, inexperienced and washed up assistants. Something has to change. They turned this whole program upside down and it didn’t need to happen. There were better coaches and a better way to go about rebuilding this team. We are not a 2-10 team. But CCM has been responsible for us looking like one.

Maybe all of this changes, and it will all seem like a bad bump in the road. But I just don’t see CCM taking us where we need to be.

Hard to do when all you have is a Fisher Price hammer

Agree on most of this - the effort against Vandy in the 2nd half and yesterday was very disappointing. Too many players with a lot of quit/ don’t care in them.

All of the pre snap penalties on offense have been discouraging - indicative of a coaching problem.

They must get a new QB - be that Bryant or somebody else. Ty is not an SEC talent.


Agree on most of this - the effort against Vandy in the 2nd half and yesterday was very disappointing. Too many players with a lot of quit/ don’t care in them.

All of the pre snap penalties on offense have been discouraging - indicative of a coaching problem.

They must get a new QB - be that Bryant or somebody else. Ty is not an SEC talent.

[/quote]My expectations for this team after reading and hearing all the preseason analysis was very low. Obviously not this low. However I was expecting a better and faster implementation of the RPO no huddle offense. I listened to yesterday’s game and apparently at least once during the contest the offense picked up the pace. Am I expecting too much out of the coaches and players after 11 games to at least be able to run a series of downs without substituion and calls from the sidelines. I have watched a highschool team all year that seems capable of doing it.