Was Corliss our last top 10 player before this year?

Before getting two this year?

No, I believe Darnell was

Edit: Al Jefferson was, but he never made it to campus

Definitely Al but we never benefited from him. I was thinking about Darnell. He was probably right on the cusp (8 - 15) depending on source. If Darnell then 28 years (93 class, freshman in 94) ago. Now two in past 30 days.

It rolling! Maybe CEM can add some more star power to the class! What would happen if Black wanted to come and also if Ware flipped from Oregon to the hogs? There would have to be some movement with the roster before next season. I thought there was 4 seniors on the team this year. Down anyone know?

Olu was the year before big Al.

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When I looked up Olu it said #19, I think that was around BJ Young’s as well.

ESPN had him #7.

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Ahhh. Good to know.

Question for you, I know you see a lot of these kids in HS. Do you agree with KM’s breakdown of which Hogs they’re most similar to?

Iggy was pretty good, but we jacked that all up.

He would’ve been a Hog if Coach Richardson hadn’t been fired, without a doubt. Not gonna get into all the BS from those days, but suffice it to say, Nolan Richardson recruited whoever he wanted from wherever they were. Nobody has done that here until Muss came along. We finally got the right guy to lead a sleeping giant. Get your DPG stats ready to go, Gas, because Walsh is a human highlight reel!

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DPG should definitely be on the rise. I’m giddy.
I wish the season started a month ago.


We have five seniors (Umude, Toney, Notae, Wade and Lykes) but three of them could come back next year as super seniors. We also have one unused scholarship this year. And of course someone could go pro or hit the portal.

As Dud says, the numbers tend to work themselves out.

If I’m remembering correctly, at this same stage of recruiting (fall before his Sr year) Olu was #5 overall on HI ( the old “Scout” recruiting rankings). Then he blew out his knee very early in his Senior season. Of course, he began dropping in all the rankings after that. I don’t think I followed ESPN rankings back then. I didn’t realize he ended that high in their rankings.

I think the fact that homeboy Ronnie Brewer was in the same class caused most fans to overlook how high Olu was ranked. Arkansas media naturally focused on Ronnie. I remember the media always referred to our top recruits as Ronnie and Olu instead of Olu and Ronnie.

Iggy had already signed with us. We gave him a release after Nolan was fired and he wound up at AZ

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