was at kc sweet 16 last nite-a few UH observations

fun nite, late nite drive though :< just my observations here

  1. unc & uk biggest fan contingency as expected. i would truly think auburn with the next most and UH the fewest. but bright red with white cowboy hats is a cool look
  2. i think UH started 3 SR. will have some rebuild to do next yr.
  3. sampson is a really active sideline guy. not like the spastic bruce pearl, but definitely very active. his son(i assume its the son) also very up and vocal and active.
  4. style of play of this particular team. reminded me of some arkansas stuff on defense. definitely not doing any full court stuff or far from basket stuff, but hard man to man in half court. very aggressive , so on the wrong end of team foul margin all night. definitely had some questionable fouls against them on tough aggressive plays on ball or on inside post play leading to a lot of booing from fans in arena pulling for them from previous game as well. ref crew let unc-auburn game play more physically. so that didn’t help the UH team as their ref crew were tighter. and finally really like pulling teeth for UH to get rebounds. stayed at about 10-14 rebound deficit whole game. did better late in game but just couldn’t match UK on boards. UH definitely a guard driven team. no real inside scoring threat at all.

2nd thought with coaching just fyi. roy williams and UNC really no clue about trying to run auburn off 3 pt line. auburn made 17, a lot were wide open. probably missed another 5-6 with nobody near them. for what its worth…

Thank you for the eyewitness report.
Auburn made similar threes against Kansas. In fact they started making a huge number of threes against us and just took off from there. They didn’t change their offense but before they were not making them at the rate they are now. They are just hot right now.

If you have four players in the floor, you can move the ball around, do some dribble into the lane, kick it out and eventually you can get an open three. If you guard them tight in a man to man and UNC tried that at times, the guards can just drive around you.

Bottom line is you will get open 3s. Since all four on the floor can shoot 3s, if they are hot they win big. If they are not hot, they can shoot themselves out of the game too. That kind of game maybe around the corner for Auburn. They have been hot too long.

Golden State, Celtic type game of dribble drive, penetrating and kicking to shooters. 76ers do some of that but with a strong post presence. Guards are much easier to get than post players for most teams. Think this type will be our goal. Auburn has made it work.

personally i hope it works for auburn at least 1 more time and they kick kentucky’s butt. realistically, I’m guessing it will be UK again though. Auburn is living off the 3 and due for a colder game. UK got a starter back last night (washington) who was out for awhile and he was a key in beating houston. meanwhile auburn lost a good kid late in game with a torn acl. i think i saw he had 20 before leaving the game.

Kentucky is just so big on the inside. I think Auburn really struggles with UK’s length and loses by about 10-12 pts.

I was at the games in KC last night and agree with all of your points. Here is one thing I didn’t hear…nobody was talking about cheating coaches or teams. I am not advocating cheating but pointing out that people just don’t care anymore, especially the fans of the teams cheating. I was surprised at the number of North Carolina fans there and shocked at how few Kentucky fans were there. Really expected KY to pack the place. Tickets for the Sunday game are really cheap. I am hoping Auburn beats KY by 20.