Was anybody else on this board at the 1982 Bluebonnet Bowl in Houston, TX

when the Hogs beat FL. It was at the Astrodome. Fuzz was there. I hope I remember this right or I am going to look like a dummy for sure. It has been a long time since 1982.

Yep I remember thinking the bluebonnet bowl was a letdown back in the day . Guessing it was last time hogs beat fla

I understand we are still owed for that game

That was one of the few Razorback games - maybe the ONLY one - that I did not attend or watch live. And that was before VCR’s were ubiquitous . . . so I only heard the score and didn’t see the game video for decades.

But . . . I was living in Dallas . . . the game was on New Year’s Eve . . . and if you’d have seen my date for the evenng (an SMU girl, by the way), you’d understand!



And that, children, is why the old fogies remember Gary Anderson. :slight_smile:

Everyone should check out Gary Anderson highlights from the Hall of Fame Bowl vs Tulane on You Tube

I was there, my last game on Athletic Department staff. Still remember that clock-eating drive that took up like the last nine minutes.

I wasn’t there, but watched it on TV. I didn’t recall it being New Years Eve, that was my Sophomore year in college, sad commentary that I must not have had a date! :smiley:

Thats what Razorbacks look like.


. . . and here’s another play from Anderson’s NFL career that created a big buzz, at the time.


I was at that game in Birmingham too. Cold night in a dumpy stadium.

I was at the Bluebonnet Bowl in the Astrodome New Year’s Even 1982. The stadium was poorly maintained even then. I was in the Razorback Band (my senior year) and we got a look underneath the stands. Nasty. The field was uneven and hard, even by the poor artificial surface standards of the day. The “cutouts” for the baseball diamond were particularly bad.

I also remember Charlie Pride performed the national anthem and a horse in the mounted color guard left a gift on the 50-yard-line right as he started singing. The crowd roared. Some poor guy with a shovel, wheel barrow and some disinfectant cleaned it up before kickoff.

During our halftime show, a trumpet player’s zipper let go and his pants began to fall down. He turned around, grabbed them and held them in place for the rest of the show. It was all captured on TV (back when they showed a little bit of the band on TV).

The Florida band played “The Time Warp” from the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the stands while a handful of their students performed the dance down on the sidelines. Arkansas fans scratched their heads in bewilderment. The UA band thought it was hilarious.

It was a truly weird night.

I was there. Florida dominated early then our running game took over. We could have had another touchdown at the end if Holtz had wanted it. As it was we ran out the clock.

This was part of a marathon two days for me. Shreveport to Houston on the 31st for the Hog game then Houston to Dallas for a very cold Cotton Bowl (SMU and Pitt) on the 1st then on to Batesville to see my folks.

Not too many have ever had his talent. Makes me wonder how his career in the NFL would have been if he had started out there instead of going USFL route with the Bandits.

I don’t think it would have been a lot different. Gary was on the scrawny side and wouldn’t have taken the pounding of the NFL very well, as he didn’t when he finally got there,

Gawd, I love me some Gary Anderson. 170 pounds soaking wet. Can you spell E-LU-SIVE!

On the game TV broadcast, I remember this fact, my girlfriend and I went to the game and after the game was over, we left got to a pay phone somewhere, so I could talk football with my Dad that did not go this game for some reason, called him on the phone at his home in Marshall TX and he was still watching the broadcast of the game that he thought was “live”. He said what are you doing calling me during the early part of the 4th quarter, I told the game was over more than an hour ago. He told me “dont tell me who won”, so I said ok, watch and find out. It must be delayed broadcast an hour or better for all this to happen. I did not know that would ever happen these days. Did anybody else know this? In Arkansas did the radio broadcast of the game happen at the same time the TV broadcast happened? Fuzz

My wife and I were there. My last time in the old Astrodome. The Hogs played a very good Florida team and as others have said put together a time-consuming drive in the 4th quarter for the win.

What I remember even more vividly than the game was the after-party. We stayed in the Razorbacks team hotel and enjoyed a great New Year’s Eve celebration with several of the players including Ron Faurot and Billy Ray Smith. We met Faurot and his father down in the ballroom during the hotel’s New Year’s Eve party and they invited us up to the shindig that was going on in their rooms. Good times. Great memories.

Even though I didn’t get to watch the game due to NY Eve plans (per my post above), I vaguely remember something about the delayed broadcast.

To your point - it couldn’t/wouldn’t happen “these days”. But, remember, that was almost 35 years ago! ESPN was just an infant, one of a bunch of small sports networks trying to find traction (MizzLou, Raycom, Jefferson Pilot). I’m not sure why it was delayed - perhaps there was another, more established Bowl game being played that started an hour ahead of our game, and they wanted to wait until that game was finished to start this one - I don’t know.

But sports were just different then. Very popular, but they had to compete for programming time withe everything else. I can remember an NBA FINALS in which the games were tape delayed (on ABC, I believe). The games were played in prime-time but not telecast until 10 PM - something like that. Can you imagine that today?