Was Aimaq ever a possibility?

Or was he a smoke screen? Where was he on the Muss wish list? Did we miss? Or pass?

Wonder if we will refer really know. I am assuming that the transfer portal is finished for the year, and that may not be true.

The “word” (take it fwiw) was that Aimaq was angling for a big $$$$$ NIL deal and Muss wouldn’t bite.

Now the “word” (take it fwiw) is that this Terrance Shannon, Jr kid was also angling for a big $$$$$ NIL deal and Muss ain’t biting; so Shannon will likely be heading to Kentucky.

This is the latest social media “chatter” (as of late this afternoon), so all of this could be complete crapola.

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Does the coach have any control over how big an NIL deal the players get?

No idea. Some control over it I would guess.

Absolutely none. The players are independent contractors running their own businesses. Muss won’t even discuss player NIL in interviews. Smart.

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I mean I assume he could send his guys out to sell NIL deals to businesses but I doubt that is happening

Muss is staying in his lane. The NIL deals have nothing to do with Muss or his job!

Know nothing about the inner workings of the recruiting process, but from my reading about the various prospects, I wonder if the mobility and athletic abilities of the kids we ended up with was the determining factor. Aimaq was certainly highly regarded, but not sure he was the best fit for a Hog defensive scheme.


Things always have a way of working out if you can keep from getting frustrated and forcing something to work temporarily that eventually fails. I think Muss thinks far enough ahead to not move forward and make decisions while frustrated . WPS

This was my thinking also. For all the things Williams brings to the table, rim protection and pick n roll defense are two of his shortcomings. If you watch the Hogs on defense, Muss does not even involve him in pick n roll on defense. He instead has Williams stay in the paint. Well, that handicaps our guards. Now, they’re having to chase the opposing guard and defend a guard who’s now in the paint and you’re behind him. Also, as the NM St “big” did, if the opposing big involved in the pick n roll has a good mid range to 3 pt shot, Williams staying in the paint will be exposed.
More mobile (able to guard in space) and athletic bigs were badly needed. Muss saw that and addressed it in spades.
I posted several times that this was needed. Even tho the “Muss loves Positionless basketball” crowd would try to shout you down.

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I really hope not. Shannon was probably the best player in the Portal, and IMO it wasn’t close. I was very surprised he hit the portal when TTech was such a good team this season. They are in most of the early rankings without him. Your NIL supposition is probably true and I sure wouldn’t put it past KY to have contacted him (illegally) about just such a deal before he entered the portal.

Aimaq is reportedly not going to decide until May. So we may get a better idea then what he was thinking. There also may be schools who can’t or won’t wait until May for him to decide.

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Well, Shannon likely is. So is Omier, most likely. The insinuation is that Cal (or someone on the UK staff) contacted both of these kids before they even announced their entrances into the portal to let them know that UK was interested and that some sort of NIL deal would be on the table, whatever the hell all that entails. i don’t really follow the NIL stuff all that closely. Anyway, just more of your typical “ethically murky” blueblood recruiting tactics, if all this is true. I don’t know how a coaching staff could even know that a player is interested, until they actually announce their intentions of transferring.

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