Was able to watch

2021 wing Jalen Ricks of Sylvan Hills tonight vs. Mills. The game was pretty lopsided with the Comets winning 70-44 to improve 24-2 while the Bears finished the year 6-23. SH graduated seven seniors last year and had to play a lot of underclassmen this year.

Ricks, who will play for the Hawks, is a long 6-5 with nice skills for 14 year old. You can see the potential. Coach Davis coached Archie Goodwin and believes Ricks has a chance to special.

From what I understand, he’s projected to grow to be 6-9. I look forward to watching him this summer when he’s playing with his age group.

I coached a pee wee team this year so it’s been hard for me to watch high school ball.
But they needed parents to help. Do you know if overall numbers are down kids playing this year?. I have seen some benches pretty thin in some place. Getting ready for youth baseball I don’t know how many kids we will have yet. I sure hope the kids are able to play. The TV and video games are destroyed our kids!

No idea on the numbers. Haven’t heard that but not saying, it’s not true.

I do wish some of the kids playing BB would play football. I see kids play BB that could probably get offers in football.