The announcers nailed it last night. They said to each other, we watch these teams so much and are so close to them that we see all of their warts and somtimes don’t think about how good they really are. Arkansas is a really good team with a lot of firepower with a chance to go deep in the tournament…to paraphrase. We have a lot of fans that tend to only want to see the warts.

I agree. What I really want to know from those fans is why, after a win, do you want to discuss the bad instead of the good. To me, that’s the coaches job. We should be celebrating, yet, we aren’t. We are complaining. I’m all for discussing things, but it seems like some folks really struggle with how to approach negative subjects. When the negative nancy posts, what is it that he hopes to accomplish? That’s my question, I guess. Did you think I joined this board to help console you?

I believe we can make it to the Sweet 16…if we get a good 2nd round matchup. A Sweet 16 would be a good year for Coach Anderson. He needs that. The program is improving, but we need to show something in the NCAA’s where it counts. 7 years and getting to the round of 32 occasionally is not success. Now, if Coach can win this SEC tournament or win a couple of NCAA games…I think any heat he might feel would simply disappear.

If we lose early this year and Daniel Gafford goes pro…it might not look so good this time next year for Coach Anderson.

I hope he does well, but that is the life of a college basketball coach. Big money and big pressure.

We have the talent/ability to beat anyone. Now the question is will they show up with their “A” game or “C” game. To me that is the question for all basketball from high school to pro’s. I also think that is what makes great coaches. The one’s that can most consistently get them to play to their ability are winners.

It’s just human nature to dwell on the negative, especially if you are stressed by desperately wanting the team to win. However, it’s within everybody’s grasp to be aware of the bias and to not let it bleed into unfair public criticism.

Some fans are too critical of Anderson whether we win or lose, that SURE gets old. Message boards are supposed to be fun to get on.With a lot of people griping ALL the time makes me not want to even get on the boards.

I think USC played good defense last night and dirtied up the game. Frank Martin is a good coach and had a good plan, defensively.

At times, our basketball team plays some really ugly basketball. I get tired of Beard, his dribbling, and his mental lapses. I get tired of the guys off the bench not producing on offense, producing cold streaks, and making dumb plays. I get tired of missed free throws (which was not an issue last night). And I get tired of us leaving wide-open threes.

But it’s our team, warts and all. Others got warts too. I’m going to root for the Hogs. No doubt. I do understand the older fans’ frustrations, though. We used to see some premier college basketball in Fayetteville. Right now, it’s sort of “almost there” and “wait till next year.” If we can somehow manage a Sweet 16, I’ll be satisfied. That’ll leave me some hope.

We need to beat Florida tonight. I’m sick of Florida in every sport. I’m especially sick of KeVaughn Allen. He drives me bonkers. Someone please defend this guy.

Go Hogs.

the “complainers”

most of us don’t care about the record during the season. we care about sweet 16s, final fours. that is the UA basketball tradition from 70s to 1998, now 20 years of mostly poor basketball. but we KNOW that we can be a great program, we watched it under 2 consecutive coaches.

we just have NOT seen it under the most recent 3 coaches. MA is the best of those 3, but not in the same league as our 2 HOF’ers.

And this year, we have 7 seniors, 2 STUD guards and a FREAK of a freshman center, we see a team that should definitely be a sweet 16 team, and with some luck/good draw, have a real chance at a final 4.

Look how we played against OU, UConn, Minnesota (when they were good), Auburn, Bama, etc.

But part of making the final 4 is a good draw…which you do NOT get when you SUCK againt LSU…TWICE, that MSU game, and several other games, that have us out of the rankings and praying for a good seed.

That is why the frustration, at least for me. I see this team, with senior and very talented guards plus a surprisingly good Gafford ( who is SO MUCH fun to watch!), and I see a team that absolutely should be sweet 16 and truly could be final 4.

So it is very hard to watch our constant idiotic and semi-suicidal switching on defense, leading to multiple GREAT looks for the opposition. so hard to watch Trey or Gafford on the 3 point line, where any reasonable coach would NEVER have them.

so I guess we have high standards. we want good seeds to do well in the NCAA tourney. so sue us


Amen, good post,it’s all about consistency. If we bring our “A” game tonight and do so consistently from here out and we could make a deep run, build a fire in them tonight and keep it burning! WPS

Well said

Not gonna sue you but we can’t help you. You aren’t asking this board to fix your problem or answer your question. You’re just complaining. Why? Do you need consoling?