Warren's Treylon Burks said

Arkansas is standing out because of the amount interest they show him.

He said he wants to stay close to home because of wanting to be near his grandmother and mom.

Burks said he plans to visit Arkansas along with Auburn and Memphis.

That school has really turned out some great WR’s over the years. I’m guessing more than any school in the state. It sounds like Treylon may be as good as any of them. Anyone have a theory on why such a small town has been able to turn out so many great receivers?

Bo Hembree is a very good coach that has a system that develops WR’s. Good talent in the town but he is doing something right! ghg

Hard to argue with that.

Well Auburn is about twice as far away as Fayetteville so I guess it depends on the definition of “close”

At this point, I would say Arkansas is his leader even though he’s not saying it.

I have feeling with J Wright, Gragg, and Childs as daily reminders of hometown super stars, he stays home and comes to the hill. I’m sure they will be in his ear as well.

Doesn’t hurt that’s for sure.

It would be nice to see all in state talent talent stay home and play for our hogs!

Was born in Warren and lived there for the first 13 years of my life. I have a lot of family and friends there and have always paid close attention to the Warren program and still condisder it “home.” Jarius Wright and I grew up together and have stayed close over the years despite me living in Tuscaloosa, AL. Was so fascinating to me getting an inside look at the realities of recruiting in major college football through Jarius. Every time I would come to visit family in Warren, Jarius and I would catch up if he was in town. We would talk almost every week in his time on the Hill. So much insight was given to me about the life of a big time college football player both on and off the field from Jarius. I always cherished the conversations with him not just as a rabid Razorback fan but just a fan of college football in general. He spent four years on the Hill and I spent four years at that college in Tuscaloosa, AL. Was a huge deal getting to watch him play twice for the Razorbacks in Bryant Denny. Neither of those two games turned out well. I can tell you the Razorback receivers did not look forward to playing against Bama’s DBs and LBs in Tuscaloosa. Haha. He’s one of the very few people I can truly consider a best friend. With all of that said, we have had many conversations about Bo Hembree, the Warren program, and all of the talent in that area. There are so many athletes in that area and as Hembree built that program, families would move to Warren to get their son to play under Hembree. Some of the college talent produced by Warren are a product of Hembree’s system. But that area just produces so much speed and talent that makes Hembree’s job easier. And that is not to downplay the job Hembree has done. I will also say that for as many recruits Warren has produced, there are probably 3X as many kids that have the talent to play in the SEC that for whatever reason never make it to college. It is very sad. Grades, falling into the wrong crowd, lack of support system in place are a few of those reasons.

Have known for a few years Treylon would be the “next big thing” to come out of Warren and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. He will be one of the top ranked recruits in the country, and I expect him to play his college ball in Fayetteville.

All of that to say, Warren is extremely fertile when it comes to producing football talent.

Great post! Thanks for the insights.

Jerry Ozment would be proud.

I wish Bo Hembre was at Little Rock Central and I’m no alum… it’s just sooooooo much unutilized talent roaming a 10 mile radius there.