Warren Thompson?

Lots of Twitterverse stuff saying he took the last train out of Dodge. Noticed he is no longer listed on the roster at arkansasrazorbacks.com.

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Well that’s disappointing. He had some moments for us, but consistency seemed to be an issue.

Twelve receptions this season for 178 yards and two scores, in nine games.

A lot of drops and mental mistakes, with the occasional great, tough play. Tough for an older guy to see himself falling to WR4 or lower.

Curious if he was removed from the team or he left the team? Two entirely different things.

All I’ve heard so far is he is not on the roster anymore.

WHY? Anyone seen or heard anything?

Has he said anything?

Have the coaches said anything?

Nothing but questions and few answers at this point.

He was suspended for the first half of a game earlier this year. It would appear he “disappeared” in others of late, either he was being disciplined or had been passed by in favor of another WR.

Departure confirmed.

Good news for the O-line in that article. As much as I like Crawford for the future, our O-line will improve from last week with the return of a healthy Wagner at RT.

Well I feel better. Great news on KJ and DW. Sorry that things didn’t work about better with Thompson, but if his head wasn’t with the team, the rest of him shouldn’t be either. Unless he’s willing to be a gunner on special teams. Then he could be Warren the headless Thompson gunner. Batta bing!

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Hate to hear about Thompson, wish him the very best and thank him for his time with the Hogs. WPS

crazy as it seems, WT was infinitely more successful at AR than FSU. He was rising 4 star when he went to Talahassee and his dad blamed poor to no coaching as the reason for his dismal performance and promised us that we would see the real WT! will our coaches now be Twitter fodder for Sr Warren Thompson?

Hope not. Hate seeing parents and kids using Twitter to air gripes.

Hate to see a young man drop an opportunity like this. I hope he didn’t fumble away his future.

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I think that honor goes to Roland, but I understand the Warren reference to Mr Warren Zevon. Thats my 2nd favorite Zevon song… Naturally Werewolves of London is my first.

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He had speed, but some of the worst hands I’ve seen in Arkansas red. I really had hopes for him. C’est dommage.

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I hate seeing people using social media for anything negative, frankly

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