Warren Thompson

It seems he has kind of fallen out of favor as one of KJ’s primary targets. Is he 100% healthy? Is there anything else going on?

he was apparently in the doghouse and had to sit out first half of last game for “internal” reasons.

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This could be a big week for Thompson in regards to his role the rest of the season. He needs to do something good when he’s on the field, which may not be that much.

Haselwood and Landers are better/more productive. Ketron Jackson is doing something good every week, and tends to catch most everything thrown his way. Those three guys are going to get the most reps. Thompson’s role now would seem to be giving a couple of those guys some rest from time to time.

Bryce Stephens is getting some playing time now, and that’s probably going to continue because he has take the top off the defense kind of speed. He’s really dangerous when the other guys have to heavily commit the secondary for run support (as Auburn and Liberty will have to do the next couple of weeks). I think it’s more likely that he comes in before Thompson if Briles wants to give the defense something different.

The biggest red flag for Thompson going forward would be if everyone else was healthy enough to play and Jaedon Wilson started getting as many (or more) reps.

Thompson will likely get a chance - he was an early favorite of KJ in summer workouts, summer 2021. But, he can’t drop any more catchable balls or his PT will disappear.

Warren, by all accounts, had a strong fall camp. I told several people, and maybe even wrote it here a time or two, that I thought he would have a breakout season. He caught everything I saw thrown his way in the preseason. It just hasn’t come to fruition on Saturdays yet, but don’t count him out. It takes only a couple of plays for a player’s confidence to rise.


Correct Scottie. Good example is Trey Knox.

Pittman volunteered some nice things about Thompson’s play last night on his radio show.

And specifically at wide receiver, Matt Landers. Not that he wasn’t confident pre-BYU, but a three-score game has to do something for your spirits moving forward.

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