Warren Nolan predicts we lose to Neb

As I type this, Nolan predicts we lose tonight 5-4. I’ve noticed their predictions are awful, so it doesn’t worry me, but I wonder how he reaches that conclusion.

Uh, Chip, the prediction page has us winning 7-5 and 9-3, depending on which numbers you use.

EIther way I’m sure it’s automatically generated.

Here is what I found, the RPI and ELO predictors from Warren Nolan. And I’ve found the ELO to be fairly solid and accurate throughout the year.

I see no reason the try to predict the final score of a baseball game.

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Obviously you don’t spend any time betting on said games like I do.

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And that page is inconsistent with this one:


I wish I’d snapped a picture of the Arkansas prediction when I first went there. Now it shows us winning 11-2.

One great thing about their predictions: They can’t miss. Just change it about 3 times per hour.

I was just about to post this little nugget.

If you go to the Arkansas Team page and click on predicted winners you get this little graphic.

But I have found the team pages do some really funky things that change constantly and tend to be very much a jumbled mess of garbage. Watch the ELO for your best and closest predictor.

See… its screwy… you checked it and got 5-7, while i just now checked it and got 11-2. THe team page predictor is screwy.

Yes. A jumbled mess. When I first looked, it had us losing. Wish I hadn’t posted the thread. It’s a meaningless predictor.

One thing I will predict, though: UF will not advance to the Super. They’re now down 9-1 in the 6th inning. (And UF should have been out of the inning. The 3rd base ump called time while the pitcher was in the middle of his windup, the batter hit the ptich & he’d have been easily thrown out at first. Instead he walked & scored in what has become a huge South Alabama inning.

I just refreshed the page and the team predictor is now at 6-3. Its fragged up!! No doubt. The RPI/ELO has remained unchanged.

Its getting worse now… I flipped over to the stream and its now 12-1 South Alabama and still in bottom of the 6th.

I waste my money on the lottery.

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You should go out on a limb like this more often there bud :sunglasses:

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If you don’t like Warren Nolan’s predictions, wait a minute. Like the Arkansas weather, it will change.

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