Warren Nolan now projects us to close regular season with 5 more wins


I just don’t see us beating Bama, even at home. But then, I didn’t see us beating Missouri at their place either!

If you look at the box scores of the losses to Missouri and Tennessee it would make you wonder how the heck they lost those 2 games! So anything may be possible. The only 2 games the hogs weren’t on were the losses to LSU and Bama. The Okie Lite game the one way whistle beat the hogs.
I would hope we can win 2 of the 3 home games with Florida, LSU and Bama. The games against Texas A&M home and away and the road game at S Carolina better be wins or thise would be killer losses.

Nolan has been projecting a ridiculous record for us all season (25-2 projected at one point IIRC, or maybe even 26-1). Apparently he’s not off our bandwagon yet.

Will the Texas A&M home game be played? Will we avoid any more games being postponed? There’s too many questions right now. I just hope we are able to play Florida and beat the gators!
One game at a time.


Now we have 2 hurdles to clear for FL. COVID & Weather.

Covid is a big hurdle but the weather could cause some issues next week!

Bama is not healthy. But first they gotta get Florida. Big game.

Agree Clay. Florida is big. And, regardless, it’s awesome to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks playing big-time, quality basketball again. We haven’t had a lot of that since Nolan left.

Each “next one” will be big from here on out.

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We got a huge break when that big guy from Missouri didn’t play yesterday.

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Similar when Hogs played without Justin Smith earlier. Gotta adjust when players are out but it’s tough.

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We need to hold serve at home after two big road wins. The Wallets are a very tough team; went into Morgantown and beat WVU two weeks ago. But it’s also a winnable game. Sagarin has Hogs as a 3-point favorite based on his predictor numbers.

Good trade off. Last night proved Smith was a big difference. If Tilman had been on the floor it would have been very interesting.

I’m pretty sure Misery wouldn’t have taken 33 treys if Tilmon was in there. Given the rate at which they were hitting, that probably would have been to our advantage.

Now there’s a SCOOP…taking out 63% shooter w13 pts and 8 rebounds a game helped us win the game! Tilman has 0 % for 3’s by the way, could be because he hasn’t tried any! Good one Swine! :sunglasses:

No. That is, not unless there is a cancellation on both our and A&M’s schedule for the same date, and at this late stage of the season, that appears to be very unlikely.

OK. Assume Tilmon takes 12 shots and hits 7 or 8, about his normal shooting percentage. That’s 14-16 points. And they try their normal 21 treys instead of 32 in regulation, and hit 8 instead of 13. That’s 15 points lost. Basically a wash.

I thought I read that there would be some make up games in the week before the SECT starts. Our last scheduled game is Tuesday March 2nd, the SECT starts Wednesday the 10th. I could for sure see at least some games Saturday the 6th.

Just guessing on my part.

i’m thinking that’s why Moody got those two quick phantom foul calls. The Refs equalized things right there,