Warning for uniform police

UA equipment crew posted a GIF on Twitter with all the gear going into a football player’s locker. (It was #1 so may have been J-Red). First thing in was an anthracite jersey. Later on, an anthracite helmet. So I think you can expect to see those at least once this season.

Chevin is also wearing #1


Those silver and red chrome helmets are sweet! In my view, we need to get rid of those red matte finish helmets and go with those. People talk about tradition. The older Razorback helmets were a shiny plastic, not that dull, lifeless flat red color. (See Light Horse Harry Jones on the cover of Sports Illustrated).

Is this the helmet we wore against Florida last year, or the Liberty Bowl bonnet?

We wore the silver and grey helmet against Florida and the mirrored red against Kansas State. ( I think).

Arkansas’ anthracite uniforms are one of the best renditions of this fad of having a dark/black version of your regular uniform. The recruits and players like it so that settles that. I am not a big fan but, if you got to have one, ours is as good looking as anybody else’s in college football. I also like the shiny red helmet with the silver hog. Would not mind it being used with white at all of our away games. I have no problem with the matte red helmet. I don’t feel like matte is that big of a deal versus the sorta shiny plastic of old.

I’m ok with wearing BLACK a lot

Why? We’ve never worn it before. I think black and red are the colors of ASU-Jonesboro. Let them wear it.

Not a huge fan of the anthracite jerseys, but the players/recruits love them, which is all that counts.

I do like the shiny red helmets. Really, really liked when they broke out the all-white uniforms complete with white helmets occasionally on the road a couple years ago. Lot of friends from out of state commented about how sharp those looked.

Me too

I would like the anthracite better if there was another color to break it up. Anthracite from head to toe is too much. IMHO, an anthracite helmet and pants with a clean cardinal jersey would look much better.

Yep. There needs to some Razorback red on that helmet.

Some red stripes or piping somewhere.