**WARNING** Conspiracy Theory here for CWS

Does anyone else feel that its seems a bit unusual that the SEC which
got 10 teams in would have such an uneven split up on the bracket.
They put 7 teams on one side and 3 on the other. The top 4 teams
in the SEC were all set up on the same side. Its almost like they wanted
to make sure the SEC weeded out each other.

I’d have thought they would have spread the top 4 out at least, not put
them on a collision course. I’m not sure but the 3 teams that got put
on the other side were looked to be the 3 lowest ranked were they not.
LSU, VANDY, and MSU. The 7 higher ranked all on the same side of the
bracket. 7 - 3 just doesn’t seem like an even split. More like a choice
to make sure if the SEC is gonna have 10 in the tourney, they are going
to limit the number that can reach the CWS.

Just something to think about.

I wondered about this. I don’t think it was any conspiracy to limit the SEC, though. I suspect it’s just how it worked out using whatever predetermined metrics they use. One could just as easily infer that they did it to guarantee SEC teams into Omaha. (At least to the extent any such thing can be guaranteed anyway.) The one thing we know for certain is that at least 2 SEC teams will be in Omaha: the winners between us & SC, Vandy & MSU. If both UF & UGA advance, they play each other, so that will guarantee 3 in Omaha. Just as it will automatically eliminate 3. OM has to win its regional for the SEC to get 4.

If Florida advances, they play Auburn, not Georgia. If Georgia advances, they play Texas Tech. But the SEC would still be guaranteed 3 in the CWS. We could get 5 if GA and Ole Miss win their Super regionals.

Can’t blame 'em for not wanting SEC tourney 2. Fair shot for the SEC to get half the field. Good enough methinks.

Thanks. I forgot about Auburn.

With 10 teams in the field, if they win, you just can’t keep them apart. LSU beat Moo U in the super last year.