Ware Highlights

This highlight package displays why he’s at least a top 50 kid (I think Top 30 is more appropriate). The motor definitely does not run consistently high yet, but that typically comes with maturity. Boy…

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He’s long. If he can get some more weight on, watch out! Would definitely love to see him in an Arkansas uniform

Do you think for developmental purposes, he should attend a prep school next year? Perhaps there is not enough competition here to kick start his motor.

I guess after the non-stop hyping, I was expecting more. Doesn’t look very athletic and only goes over his left shoulder.
And I am in no way saying he doesn’t look “good”. It’s just that I was expecting to be wowed.

Well he definently needs a few cheeseburgers but you can see he has a lot of potential…what are our chances with him?

Muss and Smart were at the game

Some of you guys can rag on him if u want but Muss knows Ware is for real!


Will have to pay to watch.

Seriously? He is a fantastic talent. Smooth shot from 3 to go with athletic offensive moves/dunks- and great defense / blocked shots. How many 7 footers are that smooth and equally good on offense and defense? Not many. He is easily projects up there with Portis as being the best big from Arkansas in recent history. 247 has him ranked 17th nationally. Here is what Brandon Jenkins said: “Ware oozes with natural talent and elite upside. He has vastly improved from this time last year to his senior summer this year. He has great size and length plus some complimenting skill as he shows great hands with nice touch out to the arc. He is fluid for a player his size and runs the floor with a smooth gait. Ware is a long way from being a finished product but has the raw tools, potential, and touch to be a serious problem on both ends of the floor. His production will increase once he understands the importance of keeping his motor running in high gear and gains comfort in playing through physicality.“

His raw athleticism and skill is obvious from his videos. Not sure how anybody can’t see that. Best big man from the state since Bobby P.

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