Ware, Blocker and Ford

LOL. Time stamp is off five hours. Posted at 3:45.


Jordan Walsh and Rickie Isaacs also make the top 30.

Austin Nunez, Chris Bunch, Aidan Shaw, Dillon Mitchell and Rylen Griffen make top 60

Jordan Walsh

Wow. Serious basketball talent in the DFW area.

Great recognition for Blocker. He was one of only 5 players in the 2023 recruiting class that made the top 30.

Richard, do you think we are in good shape with Blocker?

Little early but I think Arkansas is in pretty decent shape.

I noticed in the box score that Blocker led all players on both teams in the All Star game with 7 assists. He also had 3 boards and a steal in just 13 minutes of playing time. And, his Red team won by 35.

Maybe Blocker can bring his teammate, Baye Fall (also class of 2023), with him to the Razorbacks. Fall, 6’11", had 20 points and 8 rebounds in just 18 minutes. I’m betting several of Blocker’s assists went to Fall.

Edit: Just saw where Baye Fall is a 5-star, #9 overall and #1 center in the class of 2023!

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