War Memorial memories

Spent many a day and night at WMS watching our Hogs. Some of those memories include:

Sitting in the South end zone with our friend Bubba and my niece Donna calling the Hogs - both have passed away - we loved them so much

Tailgating in front of Ray Winder field with family and friends - lots of food, love and laughs

Our traditional walk all the way around the stadium prior to the game.

Bubba and I playing the Razorback Fight Song on our kazoos on ABC prior to a Texas game. Still have that recorded on VHS

Beating Texas and Kevin Scanlan and crew running around the stadium celebrating.

Texas beating us on the last play TD to Jones and the stadium going completely quiet

What are your memories - I could type mine for hours…

That is priceless. :rofl:

One of the most recent good memories is beating LSU when they were #5 and we were #12. Mallet to C Hamilton for a TD with 6 seconds to go in first half.

Maybe we will have a miracle, and have Good memories today. WPS!!!

That is what I am hoping for, War Memorial steps up and stops the losing streak, that would take alot of misery out of this season. I had some good memories as well, I watched Quinn Grovey and the hogs beat Houston and the Heisman trophy winner Andre Ware in one of the best games I ever saw in person, also saw jones to birmingman to beat LSU, war memorial was almost always a rowdy crowd.

LSU and someone above me throwing sugar cubes by the box full as we were headed to the Sugar Bowl. I went 18 years without missing a game there. Miss those days.

First game - Hogs beat Wichita State 27-7 in 1980

Baylor Arkansas 1981

South End Zone for Hogs win over favored South Carolina 10-7 with Carlos Hall block

Both miracles on Markham

11 years old in 1982 an Aggie Corpsman in the North End Zone asked me how much I’d sell him my Hog Hat for. Knowing these goof ball like to stick their sword through Hog hats I replied in a smart a$& tone “ $200” and he leaned over close and said “ how bout I kick your little a$& and take it?”

I’m not sure Usain Bolt could have kept up with me as I turned and ran back to my seat at the top of the north end zone !

That’s funny Jackson…

I have a Hog Hat autographed by Gene Stallings when he was the HC at Bama. We hired him to speak at our sales meeting and I had lunch with him. A great guy who really challenged us dad’s to step up with our kids. When I handed him the Hog Hat he hesitated but said he’d do it for me and I could be assured that this would be the ONLY hog hat with his autograph.

September 1965

Hogs. 28

Okie State 14

My first Razorback game.