War Memorial is NOT nearly sold out - hurry up!

I just went online to buy tickets. Other than the visitor’s section, where I bought tickets, there’s not much available…just nose-bleeds in a smattering of sections.

I sure hope people use their tickets to support these kids.

What site are you looking at? On the Razorback online site, there looks to be over half the seating in every section of both end zones still available, as well as probably a third of the seating outside of the 20’s in all four corners of the stadium still available. Just estimating, but I’d say there are 15,000 unsold seats as of now. Going to take a heck of a walkup crowd and pristine weather on that Friday to get close to 50,000 there.

There are tickets available in many sections, but it’s mostly the top 2-3 rows.

On the Razorback web site, there are 2 choices to select tickets. The single game choice, and the season ticket one. I think the season ticket one are the better seats that come with a built in surcharge to make them priced like Foundation seating would be. The two ticket choices display entirely different inventories. Actually, I double checked after my first post, and there are more than 15,000 unsold seats as of now. Pretty sad to see so many green circles on the seating diagram. Almost as many as the white circles, which signify the sold tickets.

Thanks for the clarification. I bought single-game tickets.

On stub hub they have 1,150 tickets for sale on the Arkansas sideline sections. I’ve seen them for $60-$70 on rows 8-10 between the 40s. They have tickets starting at $33 on the Arkansas side 20 yard line as low as row 20.