War Dadgum Blankety Blank Blank Eagle!

Now we can enjoy a guilt free win over Bama without having to worry about the rebelious ones taking that midnight Lane train to Georgia!

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Ole Miss lacks substance. Pretty easy to see that Auburn would win that game.

Hoping we can actually win our next game. MSU is playing much better.

Neither Corral or Nix looked as good tonight as either did against us. Understandable for Corral, with his injury, Nix lit us up throwing the ball. Not so much tonight.

Yes it will be tough to stop the Air Raid, but in the words of the late great Atlanta Rythm Section, I’m not gonna let it bother me tonight. Ole Miss lost and is no longer a threat to my way of life. Cause I don’t want to live in a world where Ole Miss plays in the SECCG.


On the same wave length. Made my day, counting that our Hogs managed to win in basketball. I was sure hoping Kentucky would put a hurt on MSU but it seems the SECW is a bit tougher than the Wildcats imagined. Can we muster a four quarter game and come out on top of those bullies from Stankville? The Pirate Master was all smiles.

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