Wanna see teasippers find a new way to lose?

Why you shouldn’t use those squirrelly armbands:


What a way to get beat! It happened to the perfect bunch of bums.

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Perfect. why should he look up? He knows he is entitled.


TT 3 hits, Three, 3 hit total… Hooked horn 11 hits…

CAN"T happen to a better group of young boys…

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Last night I was talking to my brother about those “cheat sheets” they use now. Missouri sure spent a lot of time looking at them. I like DVH sticking to the “old way”. I thinks it’s working.

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only the TX broadcast could be better to depict that act.

Phil and Bubba have often questioned the use of those arm bands, wondering why they don’t just use signals. I see the arm bands and yesterday I saw a few Mizzou players with a small thing on their belts. It looked like a tiny fanny pack. The player would open it to look at some sort of chart. What the heck?

But…but…but…a steal of home was NOWHERE on that chart!


After watching the video over and over, I don’t think he was looking at a chart or a wristband. He was just off in the clouds somewhere.

The same guy who stole home last night hit a walk-off granny today to beat the Fallopians 16-12.

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The “fake” fair catch in football a couple years looks just a little better after that….just a little.

The cheat sheets strapped to their belts make no sense when batting… the coach has to signal directions to the cheat sheet to begin with. Mizzou did it over and over.

I agree with Swine. I’m not sure the wristband had anything to do with it. I think this has more to do with the old “don’t worry about the guy on base; worry about the batter” motto. He was so concerned with the batter, he never even looked at the runners.

That is a bold move to take off from third in that situation. I give the kid a lot of credit for knowing his speed.

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