Wanna be a blue blood?

Have 16k show up for an NIT 2nd round game.

Only 12K+, according to the box score, but a darn good crowd on 72 hours notice.

Didn’t they have 5500 people to their first round game? Part of the reason for the bigger crowd was the matchup with the HOGS.

I don’t doubt that’s true, but they also only had 48 hours notice before their first game and it was a weeknight. Announced crowd was 5431. By the way, IU has 43,000 students so they could easily fill the place with students if the students decided to show up. Spring break was the previous week so everybody was back.

Big. Big campus

Indiana is a basketball crazy state. They always have been. They love their roundball. What is surprising is that Indiana has not been really good since Bobby Knight was fired. That is a great job, and I expect Archie Miller to be there a while. They are, indeed, a basketball blueblood. A rural state where basketball is king. Indiana reminds me a little of my childhood in Arkansas. I grew up playing basketball at a small school in southeast Arkansas. We played a lot of schools all over where the only school sport was basketball, both boys and girls. The school was the center of the small community and basketball was the sport the community came to see. Schools like Cave City, Turrell, Marmaduke, Greenbrier, Altheimer, Grady, Kingsland, Magnet Cove, Drew Central, White Hall and many, many others. There were a lot of kids that played at those small schools who were really good ballplayers.

Jackie Ridgell, who played for Altheimer Martin(the black school…in those days, we had a white school and a black school) was the first black offered a basketball scholarship by the University of Arkansas according to a friend of mine. He was also offered by UCLA and John Wooden. Altheimer High School where I attended made it to the semi-finals of the Class B state tournament my junior and senior year. Altheimer Martin won the state championship in the black division. We scrimmaged against them once. Jackie was a 6-5 guard who could shoot and jump out of the gym. He would have been spoken of like one of the triplets had he gone to Arkansas. He went to the University of California and was a hoss. He later played for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Man, what could have been.

Wanna be a blue blood? Don’t have as many NIT wins as NCAA Tournament wins in 8 years.

Don’t forget we beat them the first time and fell short without Dan this time, to match their big, that was the difference late we didn’t defend him well

Wonder what Romeo Langford’s absence meant for IU? He went for 22/10/5 in Fayetteville.

Do you just wake up in the morning looking to complain?

Just like almost every game this year we missed free throws and had too many plays where we failed to finish at the rim on easy buckets. We played better on defense they we did on offense!
The hogs have a too many holes on offense. I wouldn’t guard Gabe as an opposing coach period! 1/6 from the floor yesterday and 1/4 from the feee throw line.
Missed a pass on an ally pop, missed a lay up at the rim, and still jacks up 3’s! Mind blowing to watch him on offense. Then consider we have a point guard that can’t shoot either!

Strange, we beat them when he did play in Fayetteville

Why strange?

It’s a nice campus too. We keep tickets to the Indy 500 and always stay in Bloomington. It’s as close as you can stay and not pay at least triple rates. We always eat at The Irish Lion where you can still get a yard or a half yard of beer in the traditional glasses. You break them you buy them! Little winery just outside of town makes decent wine and has a lake you can sit beside while you share a bottle.

If someone set his computer to shock 2009 every time he posted something negative he would have been electrocuted long ago. I don’t think he knows how to post anything positive about anything.

Hard to argue with 2009’s argument. It’s just a fact.

No, it’s his opinion, nothing more. Your agreement with him does not make either one of you correct.