Walsh video

From Hillbilly Vegas.


Unbelievably quick for his size. We’re gonna be so good next season.

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Video gives insight into a great personality. It sure seems like these guys will be a lot of fun next year. It will be even better if JWILL joins them.

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When Johnson told NR to go get some men… Walsh fits the bill.

Not sure I can agree with that - Walsh is pretty spindly. But I 100% believe that some fans are selling him short. He’s a high level guy who I think will beat out Devo for minutes as the season goes on.

Nobody is selling Walsh short. He’s electric. He is a starter from day 1, as are Smith, Black, and JWill.

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“Nobody” is pretty broad. Maybe “nobody Jeremy knows of” would be a more accurate way to put it. There was a pretty decent thread debating this on another board. That said, I agree with you that he is electric and a totally stud, but I could see Muss starting Devo over one of the 3 McD’s AAs (maybe Walsh) early in the year for team chemistry and to have that experience to set the tone. But, as I said, I think the young talent will eventually take the starting spots and the minutes. Certainly excited to see it play out either way.

You are right. I should have said, “nobody with any sense.” If we didn’t have Nick and Anthony, Jordan would be one of the highest ranked recruits we ever signed. No way he doesn’t start from day 1.

I love Devo as much as anybody, but if you don’t realize that Smith, Walsh, and Black are transcendental players for this program, I can’t help you.


I hope you are right and he’s starting game 1. Who do you think the early season starters will be? Late season starters?

Smith, Walsh, Black, and JWill all the way thru. Don’t know about the 5th spot. I don’t think anybody does right now. This roster isn’t finished yet, IMO.

Remember that Muss signed a 5-star at Nevada and then parked his butt on the bench because he didn’t get it. I think Nick, Walsh and AB all get it, but if they don’t…

Jordan Brown started one game at Nevada, transferred to Arizona, started 11 games there, bailed out again and is now at La-La, where he averaged 15.6 last season.

I’m not worried. Last I heard, Jordan Brown had played himself all the way down to Louisiana. Sounds like Muss cut his losses with him.

Our 3 5-stars are very talented workers who will take coaching. Pretty sure Brown wasn’t cut from the same cloth.


I’m hoping JWill can get drafted for his sake and I think we have plenty of bodies coming that need to, and can develop IF they get to play. (I’ll probably ferret out some emotional instability with that one!)

With that, I’d say this lineup, but who knows…

Devo (early) Walsh (not too deep into season)
Makhal Mitchell (which I’m sure will also not get much agreement)

JWill ain’t going anywhere. Why would he? Virtually no one has him in the 1st round.The 2nd round has no guaranteed money. His NIL will probably pay him better. He could be a lottery pick, with a ring, next year. He still has skills he needs to work on, and he will finally have legit point guards next year. He, and his family, are much too smart to make the mistake of leaving now.

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