Walsh news coming soon?!

Senor RD and Senor Dawson it sounds like this might be coming soon?!

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Hearing 24th or 25th as of a couple of days ago unless something has changed recently.

Something has changed.

Uh ohh….hope that is good for us….will be disappointing otherwise.

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Sounds very promising. Nick Smith has given the :eyes: on Twitter


Rice……you usually have something up your sleeve on this stuff my friend….thoughts? What say you?

I really hope so!!!

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Literally am refreshing this thread every 10 seconds waiting on news! I have already called my wife an told her what could possibly be going on!

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You kill me, Lynn. I love it. Your poor wife, lol. Reel em in, Muss! Go Hogs!

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Lots of signs pointing to favorable developments today

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Anyone care to elaborate on what the “favorable developments” and “things have changed”?

Things have changed was his previous timeline, he’s been a Hog for awhile, or so I’ve been led to believe.


Understood. Thanks.

Yep, sending you a pm to see if we are hearing the same

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