Walsh is next …

AB made some money during the first 2 games here in Maui … those who were questioning his one-and-done status are now fully on the band wagon.

But, it is Jordan Walsh who, I believe, is about to announce himself on the national scene. Walsh is starting strictly because of his defense, but you can see his confidence on offense growing with each game. Once he learns to pull up for a short midrange shot (see RC4 or Devo) when defenders clog his driving lane, his offensive efficiency will improve dramatically. 3pt shot looks better and better. Walsh goes for 20 … if not today, soon.



That is the key learning to pull up for that mid-range jumper, there may be some teams he can go inside and get his shot off but he was going right into the 7-footer last night and he had no chance and they sure as heck we’re not going to call a foul on them
But he has a very good pull-up jumper

I’m hoping we see him another season.

Walsh got a little bit of education at times last night. He looked like a talented young guy who was just a hair off against good older players. Unlike Black, who appears NBA ready, Walsh needs a bit of seasoning , and this tournament is a great way to start getting it. The effort is terrific, the athletic ability is there, he just needs a little time.

Long-term the upside is huge. In the short-term, he should be better by the time conference starts, and lots, lots better by February. He just needs to keep playing against older, quality competition, keep listening to the staff, and keep working on his craft.


Maybe even before he signs with the bigs.

Walsh needs to continue to work on his outside shot. He is a Dennis Rodman type defender.