Walsh happy to officially be a Razorback (story)


this is so wild. I still almost can’t believe that we have signed a 5 star. from out of state, no less.

as a huge fan of Hog sports, my only experience with 5 stars is basically reading RD/DD mention one every few years, then we might get a huge tease, then they sign some other place at the last moment, and we are left at the altar…again! I won’t even name them, but we all know those names that we “almost got”.

Man, just can’t believe our recruiting, our players, our coaches. such a fun time to be a hog fan.


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Mentioned it elsewhere, after talking to John Walsh after their OV, I felt Arkansas had a strong chance of getting Jordan like I did with Derrian Ford after his OV and talking to his dad.

Muss and staff hit on all the points with both kids and families.


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