Walsh, Council bounce back in Thursday scrimmage matchup

Jordan Walsh and Ricky Council showed well in a head-to-head scrimmage matchup Thursday at the combine. Here is more on how they played:

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Gonna miss you, Jordan.
Go be great, and thanks for being a Hog!


Thanks for posting this. I’d been looking for the stats and couldn’t them anywhere - google or ESPN.

I was really sure Walsh was having an outstanding game. He was aggressive on both ends of the floor today. Looked very good.

I noticed Ricky’s coach assigned him to guard the opponents PG for at least one of his 5 minute stretches on the floor. It looked like he did a very good job containing him.

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How tall is Nick Smith?..around 6-4, I am guessing.

Listed at 6’5"

Noticed that, too. I think he can be a pretty good on-ball defender. Where I saw him struggle at times last season was away from the ball when tracking his matchup off screens. With all the athleticism and quickness he has, he has the potential to be a real pest.

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Shoes or no shoes….asking for Duds…. :wink:

Yup……he gone!