Walsh committing 24th/25th

Jett Howard is Juwan’s kid. Not much mystery where he’s going.

I hate Chri$ Beard (and Texa$$). That is all

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I don’t know where you got your info from but:

This tweet from Rob Cassidy, Rivals basketball recruiting director 2 hours ago:

“The smart money is probably Texas or Arkansas, and I’d give the slight edge to Eric Musselman ’s Hogs as things stand.”


All I said is I hate Chri$ Beard and Texa$$

It’s been Arkansas and Texas for the longest.

LOL…solid point sir!

I can’t wait for Senor Davenport to come in here with a RD bomb :bomb: concerning young Jordan Walsh soon! I’ll likely get emotional!


That doesn’t sound good. I heard rumblings from someone that they were afraid Beard would be throwing big money around.

Based on your past cryptic posts, I took that to mean you heard he was going to commit to Texas.

Cryptic posts? Me? Nah, never :shushing_face:

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Too bad there aren’t any recent head to head results of Beard vs Muss, for Coach to sell to recruits.

Oh, wait!!

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:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Beard will be a problem at Texas. Don’t really like his coaching style, but he can sure recruit.

I am okay with Beard’s coaching style but thought it wouldn’t sell well to recruits. He has surprised me.

Don’t worry about that. If NIL is the issue, we got it covered.

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Yeah, I wasn’t implying that Beard is a mediocre coach or anything like that. He’s obviously very good. It’s just my personal preference not to watch his team’s play, unless the opponent is Arkansas. I find his style of ball boring, plus he’s boring to listen to in interviews. Just glad we have a coach with a personality in Muss.

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Agreed….plus he gets tomato face about midway through each game. Him, Buzz and Pearl (these 2 duel it out for how much sweat they can produce in a game) are all tomato face coaches!

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