Walsh - Arkansas team to beat per Eric Bossi

Speculation is that only thing that may change it is an offer from current hometown school USC.


This won’t open for me. Is it your speculation Pj or something you’re reading about USC?

Are you saying that USC is his dream school, and that even though he is a top 15 player that USC hasn’t yet offered? And, if they do that’s it’s a foregone conclusion that he is going to “stay home” and play for USC? Even though he is from Texas?

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I’d cry and my wife would have to straighten me out if we landed Walsh.

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No, I saw that in Eric Bossi’s tweeter feed. I recall reading that Jordan is from Texas but is currently going to a Prep school in San Fernando Valley and likes that area.

No, I did not read that USC was his dream school. Eric Bossi seemed to be saying Hogs are the team to beat but if USC offers, it could change because he likes that area. I didn’t read that as it will change if USC offers. Just that it could be a new wrinkle. And correct, he does not have an offer from USC.

BTW, not sure what is going on with his ranking. ESPN has him #12 and a 5 star, but 247 composite has him as 4 star and #56. That is quite a difference. It is possible that 247 hasn’t updated its ranking. Need to check again in a few weeks. Or maybe RD or DD have an explanation.

Few things…

Can you find and link that tweet from Bossi? I couldn’t find it.

Walsh got an offer from USC yesterday.

247 ranked him at #88 due to how he’s performed in front of their analysts. Bossi has said in the last couple of days that he thinks that’s too low and could see him near 50.

Has 247 just not watched him much because he is clearly a top 25 player or better!

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I couldn’t find it either. I remember when I read the Josh Teeter tweet that I posted above, I looked up Eric Bossi and saw it. Don’t see it now. I hope he didn’t delete it.

No, as I said in my post, they’ve watched him plenty. He just hasn’t performed well in front of them. For instance, in the two games last week in front of Bossi, Walsh had a total of 8 points. To be fair, Walsh had had some consistency issues in the past. Based on his play more recently this summer, he’s been more consistent. From what I’ve seen, it’s not clear to me that he’s a top 25 player or better. If he were a better outside shooter, probably. Certainly, he has a high ceiling and could become that level. I’d love to have him.

Josh Teeter is the one who tweeted that USC had offered. It would be surprising to me that Walsh thinks that highly of USC. If you note his team list, it is the other LA college team, UCLA ,that he listed as a team of interest to him without an offer, not USC.

From texas but moved to LA area to go to a prep school. Sounds like he wants a So Cal school to recruit him.

Who is Josh Teeter?

That USC had offered or that the USC could change things?

When I referred to USC offering Walsh, I was going off of Walsh’s tweet that said that.

Lots of teams hopping on the offer train for Walsh lately. Before this past week, us, OU and TCU seemed to be front-runners, as those are the schools he’s visited.

That USC had offered. But I screwed that up. It was someone called That Guy @MussBussFTW who was responding to Josh Teeter’s tweet and to @ebosshoops. It was dated 7/19

Here’s a link to the article that has Bossi’s comments: [Ask EBoss: Peach Jam Edition]

After Derrian Ford’s visit, I felt Arkansas was in very good shape based off of talks with him and his father. I text someone close to he program and said it sure sounds like he’s coming but with them saying he wanted to visit others I was reluctant to say it was a for sure thing.

After talking to Jordan’s father, I get the same feeling I had with Ford. If he was done taking visits, I would lean very heavily towards Arkansas getting him. That’s why I say I think Arkansas is in a good spot with him now. Let’s see how the other trips go.

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