Walsh appears in NBA mock draft

Along with the usual suspects, which are AB #8 to the Wizards, NSJ #12 to the OKC Hogs, uh Thunder, and RC4 #42 to the Hornets. They have Walsh at #52 to Phoenix. Paywall.

If he gets feedback that he would be chosen that low then I would suspect he will be back.

He would certainly be in the rotation if he comes back, and most likely start, but I don’t think a transfer is out of the question. We are bringing in scorers from the portal who handle the ball better, and Brazile if healthy is going to be a scorer as well. Walsh may want a chance for more shooting volume to show he’s improved his offensive game enough to be a first rounder.

IMO he could have had a lot more shots this year simply with more confidence; he turned down plenty of open looks. If we get Muss’ 200 passes per game, everyone should get their touches and shots.

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Recruit Walsh to stay and this team with additional fire power is on the way to final four

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#52 is a little below the cut-off of 2-3 year guaranteed NBA contracts. The last couple years, most players drafted in the top half of the 2nd round got 2-3 yr contracts. If he feels comfortable that a team in the top 45 spots of the draft will call his name, I believe he would stay in the draft.

Devo in there anywhere?

Nope. No Devo


I find that “sad”, makes me think the “Devo” role is a dime a dozen…but not our Devo. He is special, at least on the Hill.

NBA has things they look for. Devo doesn’t have a lot of them. That’s especially true for bigs, where guys like Timme and Oscar stuck around because they didn’t have NBA skillsets. Somebody might fool me and take him, but I would be surprised. However it seems he may be ready to test his luck overseas or in the G League or wherever.

I agree. I think our team next year won’t have Devo, not sure on Walsh, I think he is a toss up. Just curious if both come back, what are we gonna do with some of the guys who seem to be leaning our direction? Do we tell them “thanks, but no thanks”, or do we send some of our young returnees to the portal?

While we like to judge players by their offensive stats, Walsh brings defensive skills that are verging on greatness, but need to be honed. The offense will come but I’m thinking his NBA defense is what we will see when he gets to the next level.

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I think it was last summer when Jalen Graham and Jordan Walsh were in the interview room together and I asked JG for his thoughts on Jordan. He said he thought Jordan could be a Mikal Bridges-type of player – long, versatile, 3-and-D kind of guy who plays well in transition. At first it came off like he was just naming a key piece for Phoenix because he’s from there, but the more I thought about it, I could see it. To get there, the jumper needs to come along, and he has to trust it. I sat next to Jeff Goodman during the UConn game and he mentioned the lack of lift on his jumper. The defensive potential is evident, and it was great at times last season. Should Jordan come back for another season, I’d love to see a more confident offensive player. It could change things for Arkansas’ ceiling and him individually.


Not only that, he does not go straight up. That means he cannot shoot over player of his size. I am surprised our coaches have not correct that,

I like Walsh but he gets too many reach-in fouls and winds up on the bench. He needs a little bit more work on his game for the NBA.

If we are making a deep run in tournament, we need Walsh back. Love his motor and desire. Hard to teach that and it’s elite.

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