Wally's Kleine connection emerges again

There’s no reason why Wally Hall would write a column claiming Jimmy Dykes had been treated unfairly, without being goaded into it by Joe Kleine.

Dykes was a complete disaster as a women’s basketball coach. Only somebody who is biased would defend his performance. These opinions did not deserve airing on the front page, or any page, of the sports section.

I like Joe Kleine fine, but I think he’s wrong here. Wally, as usual, doesn’t know his rear end from third base about the situation. There is no way they could give Jimmy Dykes another year, based on performance as well as the likelihood that the roster was going to take further hits. There is no reason to believe the program was turning a corner, or could even see the corner. Better to make a fresh start now.

Both Kleine and Wally have a right to express their opinion and their opinions are far superior to the opinions of most fans that post on this site. However, neither Kleine nor Wally is 100% correct and, in this case, personal relationships may have affected their judgment.

Although, I value the opinions of Kleine and Wally more than most other fans that post on this site, I don’t value their opinions more than the combined wisdom of all the fans on this site. From the best that I can determine over 95% of the fans posting on this site did not believe Jimmy Dykes deserved another year. Therefore, most likely, they are right and Kleine and Wally are not.

Wally’s opinion is far from superior. Sometimes I think he has about 10 identities on this board and is the 10 morons I have to repeatedly read.

I consider Jimmy Dykes a good friend, but I have known for several weeks that it was about over. I think he knew what was coming, too. I didn’t think the roster he would have next year would have done any better than what happened at the end of this season. I also think Jimmy is fine with how it ended. He surely has a clause that prevents him from discussing it, but I have my ways of knowing how he feels. He’s fine.

Typically I would agree that three years is not long enough to give a coach, but this case is different in a couple of areas.

First, everyone knew when Dykes was hired that it was a longshot as to whether he would be successful. That’s the nature of hiring someone who has not been in coaching in a quarter-century, has never been a head coach and has never coached the women’s game.

Second, several of the things that went on this season played a factor in this, from many of the girls not liking Dykes’ way of coaching, to the number of transfers to the fan unrest over the national anthem incident and Dykes’ involvement in that.

At some point you just have to cut bait and I think this was the time to do that.

I remember him writing about why would LR hire an outsider like Chris Beard when Joe Kleine was available! All Beard did was win 30 games in his first season.

Are two of my closer friends and were both in my wedding back in 1985.

I consider them both to be great guys

Not everybody is successful in life at every thing they try.

Doesn’t make them bad people.

Jimmy’s tenure didn’t go well at all in year 2 and 3 and Jeff Long chose to end it - likely because he didn’t see the future getting better

Both Jimmy and Joe love their alma mater and this state.

Wally writes what he wants to write - not what Joe tells him- and his column is simply his opinion

It doesn’t make it any more right or wrong than anyone else’s

Joe knew what was coming and went to bat for his friend - nothing more, nothing less

I know I’m way too old school for the times, but I would rather have replaced the players who were threatening to leave than replace the coach. Seems to me the asylum has now been turned over to the inmates. Of course JD did recruit these malcontents. I would have passed on Dansberry, even if she were a 6* recruit. In the end I’m glad it’s not my decision. I just hope the new coach is fully supported by JL if he has to do some house cleaning of his own. New coach, new players and time to turn it around might be the only way out of this mess.

Would seem to me that the players were already replacing themselves and the exodus may not be done depending on who they hire.

I think the media overreacted when they called BB and MA ineritance of their programs “a mess” but this is a mess. Hope they can get a great coach and staff