Wally's column today

Without getting into the merits of playing in-state schools, as to money, can someone explain to me how UA paying UAPB $600,000 (or whatever the number is) is better for UAPB than MSU paying UAPB $600,000?

The person Wally talks about says she asked why UA was paying other members of UAPB’s conference money and “helping” that team, but not UAPB. Money is money, isn’t it? If UA pays school X (can’t think of a team in UAPB’s conference) $600,000 and MSU pays UAPB $600,000 OR UA pays UAPB $600,000 and MSU pays school X $600,000 isn’t that the exact same? Or is money that comes from UA worth more??? Can you pay coaches less if it is paid with “UA money” as opposed to “MSU money”???

The only things I can think of are: (1) Travel for UAPB. If the travel cost to UA is less than the travel cost to who ever they would play instead of us, is less, OK, point. (2) For UA, if more fans will by tickets to a UA vs. UAPB game than they would for a UA vs. school X game, then point. But those things were not discussed by Wally. Just that “UA money” was going to UAPB.

Wally hasn’t figured that out for years. The whole “keep the money in the state” argument doesn’t make any sense. Let the ASU’s of the world get their checks from Tennessee or Nebraska. Doesn’t matter.

It’s Wally, need we say more?

why do people continue to take the bait. you are being played.

Best I can tell from reading a few articles about the SWAC this morning, it is does not distribute revenue sharing on the same type equal basis that the SEC and other major conferences do.

Especially since new commissioner Charles McClelland took over and is trying to grow the revenue input for the member schools.

So - again the best I can tell - the guarantee from Arkansas is a huge deal to UAPB or any other SWAC school that gets to play an elite school.

UAPB gets to keep more of it because of less travel expense.

People love to bash Wally. I thought that his column was spot on.

We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Another thing that bothers me about him is how now that Jeff Long has left the state he continually takes cheap shots at him. He didn’t write those articles during Long’s tenure, until blood was in the water late in the game.

My point was/is UAPB playing Arkansas vs. playing another major school. Sure if UAPB’s choice is to play Arkansas for big bucks vs. playing UCA for small bucks, YES, UAPB is ahead when it plays Arkansas. But that IS NOT the facts or the question. Unless your telling me that UAPB can ONLY play Arkansas when looking for a big payday, can’t play MSU instead (or Ole Miss or LSU, etc. etc.) Does UAPB get an extra game they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise if they play Arkansas? No. Have they been willing to sell themselves for a payday and can’t find a taker? I doubt it.

My question is, why is it better for UAPB to get $600,000 (again, what ever the number is) from Arkansas than it is to get $600,000 from someone else. NOT, why is it good for UAPB to get $600,000. Of course that is good.

I just don’t think money from UA spends any different than from Ole Miss or MSU or LSU, etc.

Now the travel expense, OK, that could be a point. But I would think it isn’t much different (if the game is in Fayetteville) than going to Starkville, Oxford or Baton Rouge for UAPB. I

I wasn’t attacking Wally. I was asking to have someone explain his point. You agree with him. OK. Can you explain how he was spot on? Honest question. I honestly don’t get it.

The point by the booster was, if you’re going to schedule a SWAC team, then make it be UAPB. If the UofA schedules someone else from the SWAC, then the someone else will get a big payday, and thus have an advantage over the limited budget of UAPB.

Teams from the SWAC schedule games against other Power 5 opponents, but the SEC pays better. So why not give the payday to a sister school in the UA system, rather than to one of their rivals?

That is when Jeff Long gave his haughty, (albeit true), response which was not well received.

I agree that Long’s response was crappy.

I still say if UAPB wants to rent itself out, it can, for the same money, to schools other than UA. Its a zero sum game. UA pays either UAPB or school X (from the SWAC). LSU (or whoever) pays either UAPB or school X (from the SWAC). UAPB gets the same money either way, school X gets the same money either way, UA pays the same money either way, LSU pays the same money either way.

Good grief

Why would Wally decide to dig up this topic for a column during fall camp?

You still miss Greg’s point. Unless UAPB is unable to play some other school that would pay as much as we would, it shouldn’t matter that we’re playing a SWAC school. Likewise, if that other SWAC school could get its money from some other P5 school, it’s not that big a deal if it’s us. Either way, the amount of money to either school is the same.

As to the travel cost, it’s a negligible difference unless the travel difference is several hundred miles. The distance from Pine Bluff to Oxford, Starkville, Baton Rouge is not that different from the distance to Fayetteville. However, the big expense for teams’ travel isn’t the bus cost to get there, it’s the hotel & meal costs. They’re no worse in any other SEC city than in Fayetteville.

As to Long’s “arrogant” response. I was at that meeting. I heard the question & the answer. Yes, Long said we’d keep the policy of not playing in state schools, but there was nothing about it that struck me as arrogant—unless one thinks the policy itself is arrogant. Yeah, I thought it was a typical Wally cheap-shot.

I’m sure that UAPB would love to play LSU or another SEC school, but so is every other small school.

I’m not saying that it’s right or wrong, but we’re opening with Portland State, for example. At least Portland State is not a competing SWAC school.

Greg, I maybe wrong, but I think (from reading the article and the thread) what he means is, if AR pays UAPB $600,000, then UAPB would get to keep more than if LSU paid them $600,000 because they’re closer.

And if AR paid another SWAC school, UAPB would ultimately end up with less because of the travel expenses (I’m including everything hotel, air/bus fare, etc).

Folks, Wally has skin in the ASU vs UA game. If I’m not mistaken his brother in law works for ASU and maybe even in the athletic department. The “keep the money in the state” bit is a line the ASU bunch has used for years. If Wally really wanted to stir something up he could write about how much Tax Dollars ASU used to support their progra and how they rape the students with fees to help support it.

Only way it makes sense is if UAPB plays two teams from the SEC. And one of them is Hogs.

I’m kinda lost on all of this.

One thing I found out last spring is that playing UALR does not bring a crowd. The Trojans brought 50 fans, maybe. Their players are from out of state and brought not even much family to game.

A game at their field won’t bring many because the stands are too small. No money in that game. And UALR does not want to play at the pro stadium.

I get the travel expense argument. It might have some merit. But that wasn’t even mentioned by the people making the argument. I also question if there is a substantial difference is travel cost in UAPB coming to Fayetteville and going to Oxford or Starkville or several other places. I fully admit I could be wrong on that point.

Yeah, Oxford, Starkville, maybe Baton Rouge is probably the same. I was thinking more like Gainesville, Knoxville, Columbia (SC).

But, ULL (don’t know if they’re SWAC), would probably get more playing LSU than us, kind of the same thing (the way I’m thinking), scheduling the instate schools maybe helping them more than hurting them.

Of course, I also believe in AR vs ASU every year at War Memorial (once Arlington goes away). Sooo…