Wally's Chutzpah

Considering our own problems with the Mountain West Conference, among other struggles, how could the Wallster suggest Vanderbilt resign from the SEC if they lose to UNLV? Pot, meet Kettle.

His opinion. You obviously disagree.

Great country we live in.


I remember when UNLV had a very good football program, Basketball also actually very good there. I recall the football game at WM when they had a better team but by the middle of the fourth quarter the 90+ temp and 90% humidity killed them. I remember coach Robinson had changed clothes at halftime since he was wringing wet. And I recall the famous statement their BB coach made to Nolan which was “get some men Nolan”

Larry Johnson said that to Nolan.

I hope Johnson was at UNLV then, my memory is slipping.

That is a good memory, UNLV began football in 1968 in DIV 3 and thru 81 went 100-51. Since then, 133-302. Led by Randall Cunningham, they did go 11-2 in 84, but that record was adjusted to 0-13 for ineligible players. The only 10 win season in history, erased…:sunglasses:

Of course they have the infamous LV Bowl win over the Hogs led by Coach John Robinson in 2000. Robinson managed a 28-42 W/L, his last one was 2-9.

I had to look up the definition of “chutzpah”. That is a Yiddish(Jewish) word meaning supreme self confidence, brashness, brass, cheekiness, gall, nerve Also, If you say that someone has chutzpah, you mean they are not afraid or embarrassed to do or say things that shock, surprise, or annoy other people.

Now, if you live in New York City, you don’t need to look up that word. But I’m from Swan Lake, so I had to go looking for that one.

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Wally is all over the place picks us to beat Kentucky and then says we played a & m close because they play bama next, over looked us.

jhawg spent many a day fishing at Swan Lake. Even broke some ice to fish once.

Great memories.

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What county is Swan Lake in?

It’s in Jefferson county.

Jefferson.County. Swan Lake is not a town…it’s just a place in my past… In my day it was a store, two cotton gins, a church and a couple of houses. It’s about 5 miles from Cornerstone and 15 miles from Altheimer down on Hwy. 88. Swan Lake is a real lake about a 1/2 mile from the community of Swan Lake.

Every time I watch the movie, “The Long, Hot Summer” written by William Faulkner, it reminds me of home. A better place…a better time.

I bet ducks like Swan Lake. Just a guess.

Mo dores getting it handed to them at halftime. SEC folk should probably speak of the Mountain West with a little more respect. They’ve earned it.

Swan Lake is on the back way from DeWitt to Pine Bluff. Traveled that route a million times.
Reydell, Swan Lake, Varner, cut through south of Altheimer…

Never observed a Swan there but would bet on ducks.

Keep up the good work…