Wally's Article Today

So who is the die-hard former Razorback athlete and successful businessman who began a quiet study of the athletic department practices? Insiders…Clay, Matt, Dudley do you know?

If he is talking about the BOT Tommy Boyer fits the description. Is there anybody else on the BOT that’s a former Razorback standout?

If that’s true - and that’s a big if - my guess is Tommy Boyer.

But as some people fail to grasp, Long was fired for convenience, not for cause so that doesn’t fit the narrative.

Yesterday on the PF show, I think Wally said BOT member, the article today just says donor. But ok, Boyer.

Was fired for convenience, as get him out of the way? Clay’s article today mentioned “committee” for the new coach.
I don’t think anybody really knows squat. :wink:

I’m not sure they’re mutually exclusive. The BOT might not have liked some things but didn’t feel they were things someone could say justified a “for cause” firing. However, bad business practices suggest something more than over-hiring, over-paying, etc. So I have no idea.

Agree. On the PF interview, WH was not implying JL was doing anything wrong. Bad, as in bad businessman.

Kevin Scanlon, Scott Bull would fit.

It’s Wally’s column, Bull would fit.

:lol: :lol:

Excellent SouthArkHog!

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Been through a number of contract issues in the Navy, sometimes you T4C (terminate for convenience) even though you could probably terminate for cause in order to avoid a lengthy and costly legal process and sometimes simply to avoid any embarrassing info on either side that would be made public. Many times it is quicker, easier and cheaper to T4C.