I know it’s beating a dead horse, but Wally Hall and the Democrat-Gazette ought to be embarrassed with his column today. Here we are in the CWS with a chance to win a National Championship and he writes a column that is 3/4 about himself and everywhere he has been and gotten a briefcase for and then the final 1/4 he gets in a plug for head football coach 3 coaches ago and finishes with a plug for UALR. Pathetic!

Given any other columnist, I would have to believe that it was a throwaway column that would be replaced in city editions with an article from the CWS. But to do that, you’d actually have to be in Omaha. And by all appearances, he isn’t. So, there’s no good explanation for it other than Wally being Wally.

It’s absurd. The only reason I still subscribe is that my wife is afraid she won’t find out if someone she knows died. She reads the obits.

A lot of local rags are so hard up for circulation, its hard to cancel one’s subscription. I got mad at the news sentinel here and told them to never deliver their excuse for a newspaper to my home again (even though I actually enjoyed the sports page, and some of the local columnists). Well, they have never stopped bringing it - they just stopped billing me. Since then I’ve heard from several others who have had same experience.

Only thing now I don’t get to complain when the delivery guy misses my paper box and it gets rained on. LOL

I quit my local (Chattanooga) newspaper last year. It’s owned by the same folks as the ADG. They call me about twice a month offering to practically give it to me.

My problems were with time delivered and missed delivery. Not to mention sick of Vol sport coverage.